How Jurlique is transforming its digital and customer data capabilities

Digital and product leaders share how they're building a customer-led brand approach off the back of hefty digital, data and cultural transformation

CRM component

Informing content is Jurlique’s wider customer lifecycle engagement approach. Moylan said Jurlique is in the first phase of its ‘CRM’ journey. The top-line emphasis is on reactivation and retention, with a unique approach for each market.  

“We’re looking at Hong Kong right now and how we start to leverage this data and execute at speed. It’s about helping marketers shift from compiling and understanding data, to using data. For example, identifying audiences that have clicked a button and pushing messages across channels to engage with them,” Moylan said.

 “We need marketers to work smarter, harder and build deeper connections with our consumers. We’re spending a lot of time on trying to deeply understand those consumers to ensure we retain customers who have been loyal to us.”    

For Anastassi, starting the digital transformation journey with foundational elements such as data ensured customers sit at the centre of Jurlique’s approach.

“For example, if we’d started with an email marketing platform, we wouldn’t have our customer data centralised,” she said. “This will give us the ability to connect that customer experience and look at who our most highly valued customers are and how we service them better whatever channel they choose to shop or interact with.”

Using onsite personalisation and the Commerce Cloud’s customer groups functionality, powered by Jurlique’s CDMP, allows the team to craft a more iterative approach to CX, Anastassi continued.

“As each market’s capability improve and they get smarter about the CRM strategy and defining those personas, that then rolls into the onsite experiences and content being delivered,” she said.  

When it comes to metrics, Moylan said site relaunches saw teams working to KPIs around traffic and SEO.

“Our first concern was redirects were accurate so we didn’t lose any traffic. That was seamless. The site is running at one-third the speed it was, which is positively impacting conversion,” she said.  

“We’re ahead of metrics in terms of data collection, which is particularly important in the US, where we don’t have a store and the website needs to be the key acquisition channel. There’s also uptake of new payment methods, like via We Chat and Alipay, and traffic is strong.

“And of course the most important metrics are sales. We’re right on target, which is double-digit growth for ecommerce.”

With the longer-term data and CRM strategy, meanwhile, Jurlique is agnostic about where people want to engage and purchase, Moylan said.

“The main beneficiaries of the CRM work are actually stores, as it’s driving people to stores to engage and experience our Jurlique service,” she said.  

She’s also keen to see messaging online and offline better connected. “We can already see how consumers are engaging with the brand, and we’re starting to overlay that with social activity,” Moylan said.

Anastassi said Jurlique’s future roadmap isn’t about looking at omnichannel engagement, but experience levels.

“That could be for customers looking for treatments and spas – how can we improve that experience whatever the channel is key,” she added.

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