CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 24 September 2020

All the latest martech and adtech news this week from MetaCX, Eyeota, Digivizer, Taboola and IAS, Amobee and Lotame, Amperity, Medallia and Dynata

MetaCX announces product updates

MetaCX has announced a milestone product release that offers a collaborative platform for the entire customer lifecycle and fuses real-time data with an advanced CX for B2B marketing.

The new MetaCX capabilities include shared lifecycles that visualise the journey and help buyers anticipate what's next in the relationship, plus notifications and activity feeds to alert stakeholders on both sides of the relationship about important actions or changes in the ongoing customer lifecycle stages. Other features include coordinated handoffs that explicitly mark the transition from the sales process to post-sales delivery and success; early warning alerts of retention risk by measuring critical actions and user behaviors; visual timelines that track the sequence of activities for each stage of the customer lifecycle; and branded moments that celebrate shared achievements with prospects and customers.

There are also team profiles that allow team members to share both practical and personal information with prospects and customers to help humanise the relationship.

Eyeota integrates ID5’s Universal ID

Eyeota has globally integrated with ID5’s Universal ID as part of its larger data diversity initiative to future-proof its audience solutions.

Eyeota’s Audience Identity Resolution connects multiple IDs associated with a user, enabling marketers to access people-based audiences without third-party cookies. This global integration with ID5 is part of Eyeota’s larger data initiative to ensure its audience solutions remain flexible and addressable for brands and advertisers activating across omnichannel environments.

ID5's Universal ID is based on transparency and control, which ensures that users' privacy choices are respected throughout the advertising value chain. Eyeota’s Audience Identity Resolution provides marketers and advertisers with access to stronger quality audience data and enriched targeting solutions.

Digivizer rolls out new tools

Digivizer has continued its roll out of analytics insights in its platform, with new analytics features to give marketers additional Web and SEO performance and conversion insights.

The Web performance tools are fully integrated with the platform’s existing organic, earned and paid social and search media analytics features, and come as standard. Latest performance measurements include a brand’s share of available search traffic, easy sorting of the search terms that drive traffic to their website, the pages that are most popular, instant views of revenue performance, goals, cost-per-conversion and conversion values, by platform or period set by the marketer.

The Digivizer platform also shows marketers the search terms used most by customers, clicks through to the website, and how the position on the search page influenced this traffic. Transactions, page views, average time on page and bounce rates are also captured.

Taboola and IAS partner up on brand safety solution

Taboola has struck a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), digital ad verification specialist, to introduce an industry-first pre-bid brand safety technology for performance advertisers.

The vendor claims this is the first integration to directly apply pre-bid brand safety within a native discovery platform. With this integration, performance advertisers have the ability to achieve their marketing goals across Taboola’s large audience of 1.4 billion people each month, while ensuring brand safety.

Taboola has worked with IAS for several years to build new products and optimise publisher inventory according to IAS technology. The new development exposes these segments to advertisers directly within the Taboola ads console. This gives advertisers the control to opt-in to pre-bid brand safety targeting on any campaign.

Amobee and Lotame join forces

In other partnership news, Amobee and Lotame, a data enrichment solutions provider, have unveiled a partnership for global social audience activation.

Amobee’s identity solution converts Lotame’s rich taxonomy of unique and privacy-compliant third-party audiences into segments that advertisers can use to enhance targeting across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. The partnership gives marketers access to the full suite of Lotame’s audience segments through the Amobee advertising platform, including demographic, interest and intent data.

Medallia acquires Sense360 for US$44m

Experience management outfit, Medallia, has acquired behavioural consumer intelligence specialist, Sense360, which provides always-on, consumer and competitive intelligence from buyer and non-buyer segments, for US$44 million in cash.

Sense360 combines 5 billion consumer signals from business visits, transactions and feedback to deliver comprehensive, real-time intelligence and industry-relevant benchmarks to help brands understand where, how, and why buyers and non-buyers spend their time and money. The platform is used by an array of global restaurant chains and FCMG brands including Carl’s Jr., Del Taco, Hershey’s and Inspire Brands.

"We are witnessing rapid and permanent changes in consumer habits and behaviour, and companies need real-time understanding of why consumers choose them and why they don’t," Medallia senior VP of vertical market solutions, Elizabeth Carducci, said. "The combination of Medallia and Sense360 creates a powerhouse of rich live-time customer intelligence signals not available anywhere else."

Dynata acquires CrowdLab

Another acquisition was announced this week by first-party data and insights platform, Dynata, which picked up CrowdLab, digital ethnography solution for capturing in-the-moment consumer opinion.

The acquisition will expand Dynata’s qualitative research capabilities within the Dynata insights platform, helping brands develop a more comprehensive picture of their markets and customers by linking specific behaviors with the experiences that drive them. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The vendors said addition of CrowdLab into the Dynata portfolio broadens the insight capabilities available in the Dynata Insights Platform, an all-in-one solution for automating the marketing continuum.

“We built CrowdLab to help brands and market research companies gain a real-world understanding of the experience of consumers in the moment they have them, delivering a unique window into the consumer experience,” said CrowdLab founder and CEO and chief transformation officer for Hall & Partners, Richard Owen. “Adding that to Dynata’s rich quantitative research capabilities ensures brands have every opportunity to follow the consumer experience, both in the moment and throughout their engagement, uncovering insights that amplify the relationship they are developing with those customers.”

Amperity launches 3.0 edition

CDP Amperity has launched the third-generation of its product, which includes three distinct products for its enterprise CDP - AmpID, Amp360 and AmpIQ.

AmpID is a first-party identity product that uses artificial intelligence-powered identity resolution to create a stable, universal first-party identity graph with features such as householding, data hygiene and standardisation for full utility across every use case. Amp360 breaks down silos, expands audiences, and gives teams and systems direct access to holistic customer data, powering use cases from data science, analytics and marketing, to customer success, finance and compliance.

Brands can access the data directly from the real-time query engine or make it available in every downstream system. AmpIQ is a brand new point-and-click marketer hub for customer intelligence and omni-channel activation that includes metrics and KPIs, customer insights, predictions and segments, and campaigns and measurement.

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