CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 18 February 2021

All the latest martech, customer and adtech news from ClickDimensions, Digivizer, Copper, PFL, Signkick, ActiveCampaign, Adgile and PureB2B

ClickDimensions acquires Eletype

ClickDimensions, the marketing technology and services provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365, has announced the acquisition of Eletype, a marketing technology company that supports marketing campaign performance through intelligent monitoring and collaboration.

The Eletype digital assistant monitors website, search, social and email marketing campaign performance and delivers the results into Microsoft Teams or Slack with smart notifications. The strategic acquisition will enable a broad array of enhancements to ClickDimensions technology, providing intelligent monitoring based on thresholds, anomalies and fluctuations.

Made exclusively for, and natively built within, Microsoft Dynamics, ClickDimensions’ technology and services are designed to help marketers leverage marketing and CRM tools to their full potential to maximise return on their investment. The acquisition of Eletype will support the company’s plans for future products and enhancements. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Signkick and LiveDOOH announce merger

Signkick and LiveDOOH will merge and combine their products, expertise and passion for out-of-home to become a single company with a global presence.

In coming together, the companies said they will be able to offer a complete package for DOOH networks from end-to-end. This includes connection to automated (OpenDirect) buyers, programmatic (OpenRTB) through a dedicated SSP, white label ecommerce platform for direct sales, and AI-driven yield and optimisation engine to prioritise and deliver DOOH campaigns.

The combined entity will also create a dynamic CMS platform to enable simple scheduling of both complex and traditional campaigns with robust delivery and automated re-scheduling, and centralised ad serving for delivery to multiple player types.

“Bringing two of the industry’s best technology and media teams together brings an exciting step-change in what we can deliver for our customers. Together, we have double the talent, skills and knowledge to make our vision happen," said LiveDOOH Signkick chief commercial officer and finance, Tobias van Amstel.

ActiveCampaign releases 125+ new email design templates

Customer experience automation platform, ActiveCampaign, has added 70 email templates that are ready for predictive content to its library, reaching 125+ total templates.

These new designs enable businesses to maintain a modern brand aesthetic in their marketing. Templates range in aesthetic type to communication type to fit any business' unique needs and style, including deal/offer, cart abandonment, newsletter and event templates.

Pairing templates with ActiveCampaign's 500+ automation recipes users can unlock the power of full customer lifecycle automation. Templates are customisble to any brand by replacing colours, fonts and images.

A full team of designers and developers have designed, built, coded and QA'd the designs to display properly across devices, meaning marketers can rest assured that emails will make it to inboxes the way intended and focus more on the content. And ActiveCampaign templates don’t require technical expertise to implement and can be customised to a brand in a few clicks with drag and drop tools.

Adgile launches TV effectiveness platform

TV data and analytics outfit, Adgile, has launched Catalyst, a TV effectiveness platform.

Catalyst is an independent, cloud-based platform that can be accessed by brands, agencies and broadcasters to utilise rich, structured first-party advertising content data that Adgile creates through its patented visual recognition technology.

Catalyst has been designed to enable users to understand, optimise and extend their TV planning and buying in real time, integrating Adgile’s analytics, attribution and activation product suite into a single platform that offers actionable, effective opportunities. 

“Adgile’s core strength has always been the uniqueness of the real-time TV data we create, and high resolution brand TV content that we catalogue, but Catalyst now brings new advanced utility to benefit the creation, planning, buying and measurement of all TV advertising,” global CEO at Adgile, Paul Evans, said.

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Digivizer adds organic search analytics feature

Digivizer has added new organic search analytics features to its platform aimed at making it easier for marketers to find, understand and act on search results.

Connecting the Digivizer platform to Google Analytics and Search Console, Digivizer displays content position and ranking on search page returns, and changes in position and rank, over any period of time.

Marketers can see the search term performance and act on that information; create a performance benchmark before a new campaign and compare search performance as they deliver that program; and search for the largest number of impressions for any number of search terms. They can then create content targeted to those search terms, measuring changes to search ranking on the fly. This now includes organic search results and insights.

Copper acquires Sherlock for actionable insights

Copper, the CRM platform with native G Suite integrations, has announced it has acquired Sherlock, an engagement analytics platform.

With opt-in from prospects, Sherlock surfaces and summarises information about prospects and customers’ intent, engagement and product usage. This provides professionals with transparency on what their targets are doing throughout a buyer-led-customer journey in a way that drives action for sales, account management and customer success.

Copper's client base meanwhile includes Audacity, Ideo, Softbank and MailChimp. The company was founded in 2013 and has raised US$90 million in revenue to date.

Financial terms have not been disclosed.

PFL merges tactile marketing automation solution with SwagIQ

PFL, the vendor pitching itself as a pioneer in tactile marketing automation, is merging its tactile marketing automation (TMA) solution with SwagIQ.

Called experience enablement, the platform allows user to trigger tactile marketing automatically or manually within one product. Additionally, enhancements to the Command Center make it easier to attribute results to marketing efforts.

There are several other product enhancements including enabling TMA to handle large order sizes without depleting Salesforce resources, like CPU and heap size; improving performance and scalability of tactile marketing efforts; and streamlined tools for tracking and measuring tactile marketing’s impact on campaign results.

Admins can also customise the address options displayed in campaign creation and the experience enablement order process based on any field, including custom fields. TMA now also supports Salesforce shield platform encryption for specific objects and fields, offering a whole new layer of security while preserving critical platform functionality.

PureB2B launches PurePredict

PureB2B, which specialises in lead and demand generation for B2B tech companies, has announced the launch of PurePredict.

The new product combines three distinct sets of intent data and synthesises predictive analytics technology to generate insights for conversion, pipeline generation and ROI.

PurePredict combines contact-level intent and company-level social media intent triggers with domain-level consumption trends to generate buying predictions. The first-party intent data is used to develop contact-level content consumption and behavioural trends. Trigger-based intent will create insights from millions of online interactions across social media, SaaS review platforms and technology forums.

Content engagement is used to identify user and account based content interactions across 600,000 websites and more than 7000 topics. PureB2B expects to integrate additional categories of intent data beyond first-party, trigger-based and content engagement in the coming months.

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