All the highlights from our CMO50 events

  • The CMO50 2021 vox pop

    In honour of the virtual nature of our CMO50 event, and the ongoing adaptability marketing leaders have had to exhibit over the past year, we wanted to ask our CMO50 alumni what they'd learnt about fostering team resiliency in 2021. Here, marketing chiefs from Optus, Guzman y Gomez, Swinburne University of Technology, Menulog and IAG tell us in their own words what they've done to keep teams connected.
  • The CMO50 2020 vox pop

    In honour of this year's unique CMO50 2020 virtual event and the unprecedented challenges marketing leaders have had to navigate, we wanted to ask our CMO50 alumni what they'd learnt about being a CMO, as well as about their customers, from this time of crisis.
  • First pics: CMO50 2019 dinner

    More than 100 of Australia's most innovative and effective marketing leaders celebrated the achievements of their CMO peers at the CMO50 2019 dinner in Sydney on 17 October
  • In pictures: The CMO50 2018 event

    More than 90 of Australia's leading marketers joined CMO and Adobe at the 2018 CMO50 event in Sydney on 18 October to celebrate the courage and success of the country's most innovative and effective marketers.
  • In pictures: First pics of the CMO50 2017 - top 10

    More than 80 of Australia's most successful marketing leaders descended on Sydney's L'Aqua to celebrate the third-annual CMO50 list. Here are our first pictorial highlights from this very special event.