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Groundbreaking neuroscience research shows evolving DOOH creative boosts effectiveness

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For too long, DOOH has been viewed like traditional out of home. Now using real-world data, Neuro-Insight and QMS can change that belief for marketers, advertisers and agencies.

Using neuroscience research that measures both the conscious and subconscious mind, DOOH has shown to be the most accurate means of unlocking the qualitative elements of the medium which closely correlates to campaign success.

In a global-first study, DOOH campaigns with evolving creative elements were found to be more effective in memory encoding and impact. Comparing the impact of evolving digital creative versus static creative on audiences, small changes in the creative over a typical week increased the campaign’s effectiveness by 38%.

QMS Neuro 1Credit: QMS Media
QMS Neuro 1

“Not all contacts are created equal. It is actually the quality of reach that is imperative for driving attention, impact and cut through,” says Chief Strategy Officer at QMS, Christian Zavecz.

Marketers now have the proof

QMS Neuro Uber EatsCredit: QMS Media
QMS Neuro Uber Eats

Advertisers and marketers have long hesitated to put additional budget into different creative when there is no proof that it is more effective. Typically, the industry focus is on quantitative versus qualitative research to make campaign decisions.

Now this study scientifically solves the value equation by proving it is worth the time and money to invest in dynamic DOOH creative to drive greater results. It shows a series of small changes to the creative can improve memory and recall. “The most effective campaigns are when you get the media, the message and the moment working together,” says Neuro-Insight CEO APAC, Peter Pynta.

Giving agencies new options to have DOOH in the media mix

DOOH has developed from one that sells digital assets to one that is basically a fully fledged digital medium. But despite this, the industry has yet to explore the true capabilities that DOOH now offers.

QMS Neuro Melb FashionCredit: QMS Media
QMS Neuro Melb Fashion

“As DOOH capabilities evolve, we can use the modern creative and media ecosystem better, helping marketers unlock this largely unseen advantage,” Pynta says.

At a time when marketers and advertisers are facing the challenges of audience fragmentation, the erosion of reach and managing relevant frequency, they’re looking for new solutions. To help with this, QMS wanted to evaluate the approach taken to communications planning by analysing how people subconsciously respond to changes in a DOOH campaign over time and the flow on impact on real-world effectiveness.

QMS Neuro 2Credit: QMS Media
QMS Neuro 2

Using a specifically designed research study with Neuro-Insight they were able to simulate the real-world daily driving commute displaying a mix of both evolving and static digital OOH creative. Looking at 30 campaigns across 15 categories, to remove creative bias and generate a substantial amount of data, the study showed that small changes to a creative can have a significant impact on a campaign.

What’s been called ‘creative sequencing’ developed from the understanding that not all reach is created equally. “We found that evolving creative is far more effective. It's far more memorable,” says Pynta.

It’s a simple, but powerful equation – measuring outdoor exposure as an input to memory with the output being consumer behaviour. “So the more memory encoding going in as an input, the more behaviour change as an outcome. It's really that simple,” he says.

Harnessing these digital capabilities

Brands have been increasingly embracing DOOH and it currently accounts for 61% of total industry expenditure. The flexibility and immediacy of DOOH has created new opportunities for clients from both the creative and placement perspective, and at the same time extends the traditional roles it can play in a communications plan.

QMS Neuro Campaign DaikinCredit: QMS Media
QMS Neuro Campaign Daikin

Now marketers can utilise changeable elements in the creative to unlock new possibilities. The research shows that static DOOH creative acts as reminders, whereas evolving certain elements adds new information and therefore builds additional layers to a brand campaign. “From a creative point of view, evolving DOOH is a very different neurostatetm for people seeing the ads,” Pynta says.

Using Cooper’s Mild Ale campaign as an example, Head of Strategy at The Royals, Tom Donald, explains the value of incorporating a dynamic, changeable element in the creative while maintaining brand consistency.

Keeping things bold and consistent builds memory structures so consumers can recognise the brand easily; however, this takes time. “Memory structures take so long to build, so don’t go throwing that away,” says Donald.

“The best approach is using distinctive assets with small moments of surprise and delight (visual or textual) while holding the line to only make small changes to the campaign creative. The most effective campaigns barely change at all. They evolve, iterate and tweak,” he says.

This groundbreaking research shows CMOs that when thinking about outdoor as medium, it’s crucial they change the conversation to start talking to their creative and media agencies about ways to incorporate these learnings and include some changeable or evolving elements in DOOH creative to gain a competitive advantage.

Find out more about the neuro research, click here. 

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