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Welcome Nadia Cameron, Editor CMO/CIO and Jodie Sangster, CEO ADMA

8.40am - 9.10am

The Future Of Business Is Digital

A digital revolution is underway, opening up new channels, new product ideas, and new delivery models. To compete, you must harness an emerging digital reality to create new sources of customer value in real time. In this presentation Nigel Fenwick, Vice President and Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, will start you down the path to mastering your new digital reality by exploring:

*Why today's approach to digital fails to capitalize on the digital revolution

*The dimensions of digital business that will have an impact on your path forward.

*Key strategies that will catalyze your digital transformation.

Nigel Fenwick, Vice Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

9.15am - 9.45am

CIO CMO Panel Discussion: Building your customer credentials

This panel will discuss the latest thinking around what customer experience excellence means, and the responsibility that IT and marketing have in building their company’s customer credentials. We’ll look at:

* The battle to own customer experience within an organisation – who is responsible?

* Why marketing and IT are core to a customer-first approach

* Digital as the key intersection point of marketing and IT and as a critical enabler of better user experiences, and ways for CMOs and CIOs to better collaborate in this area

* Examples of how taking a customer-centric approach is helping to build better customer experiences

* How both CIOs and CMOs can build their business and board profile to drive customer into the heart of the organisation


Alan Hesketh, CIO, Super Retail Group

Kevin McAulay , Group General Manager Marketing & Communications, Super Retail Group

Natalie Feehan, Group Manager Strategic Marketing, REA Group

Nigel Dalton, CIO, REA Group

Tim Tez, Chief Marketing Officer, AIA


9.50am - 10.20

CIO CMO Panel Discussion : The challenge of customer centricity

This panel will delve into the specific challenges CIOs and CMOs have faced, jointly and individually, in making the move to a more customer-centric operation. We’ll look to discuss:

* How both CIOs and CMOs are coping with the move towards putting customers first

* The hurdles each has faced in becoming more customer-centric in terms of executive and operational support; processes and strategy; IT’s role; marketing’s role

*Understanding what initial steps must be taken to get onto the customer-centric path and the importance of multi-channel integration

* Bridging the gap in organisational knowledge and process

*The ideals versus reality: Setting realistic expectations and stages for delivery

·*How they’re joining forces to deliver next-generation customer experiences

* Lessons/takeaways for other CMOs and CIOs looking to help their organisation become more customer-centric


Renzo Mostacci, General Manager IT, Coates Hire

Ben Allen, General Manager, Group Marketing, Stockland

Tim Fleming, CIO, Deloitte Australia

Ann Reid, Director of Marketing, Sydney Opera House

Daniel Johnson, Head of Information Systems at Sydney Opera House


10.25am - 10.55am

This closing presentation will provide some answers to the challenges that will be identified in the preceding presentations. 

*What does the road map look like for organisations who want to truly become customer centric and data driven?

* How do organisations develop a unified, innovative and strategic customer centric approach across marketing and IT.

Jeffrey Evans, Head of Global Digital Marketing, American Express

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11.00 am

Wrap up Nadia Cameron, Editor CMO/CIO and Jodie Sangster, CEO ADMA