CIO - CMO Customer Experience


How to ensure your organisation, products and services remain relevant in a world where customers not only control the conversation, but also hold the key to how you do business now and in the future. Social, digital, mobile and big data are all transforming how organisations operate, and putting the onus on customer centricity.

Customer experience is the new black; the cornerstone of modern competitive advantage. But without a unified, innovative and strategic approach to using data insights, technology and creative across channels, organisations will fail.

CMOs and CIOs sit at the heart of this new commercial paradigm, and it's their collective work that is the lynchpin for business success. Industry surveys clearly point to a correlation between the performance of marketing, and the relationship between CMO and CIO. But how do we overcome internal barriers for achieving such unprecedented levels of collaboration and drive a coordinated customer view?

This special event, brought to you jointly by CMO and CIO magazines and the Association for data-driven marketing and advertising (ADMA), will bring together the heads of marketing, IT and customer strategy to debate what customer engagement means in a world driven by digital disruption, data insights and real-time engagement, and how they are striving to achieve it.

Who will attend?

  • CMOs, General Managers of Marketing, and Senior Marketing, Heads of Customer Engagement, Heads of Digital
  • CIOs, IT Directors and Senior IT Executives

Top reasons to attend:

  • Hear from both CMOs and CIOs on how they're working together to deliver a customer-centric approach
  • Find out how your peers are tackling the significant issues of data ownership and digital delivery
  • Learn about architecting a strong customer culture across your organisation and your team
  • Garner the latest insights from leading analysts and industry thought leaders around customer engagement
  • Have the opportunity to network with your CMO and CIO peers