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Partnerize delivers the software platform and expert service that help the world’s leading brands create operating leverage by turning their partnership channels into profit centers.

Partnerize is your powerful sales incentive partner

The pandemic upended conventional spending patterns, but several years in, overly ambitious forecasting on the hopes of recovery combined with an ongoing supply chain squeeze are causing stockpiling challenges.

Why your next marketing partnership will be with your CFO

By bringing a data-driven approach to partner and affiliate marketing, marketers gain the evidence they need to support their investments, building confidence both within themselves and amongst their peers within the finance function.

Why partnerships are a valuable ingredient in the marketing mix

A new report from IDG Research and Partnerize has found strong support for partnership as a marketing strategy. More than half of the marketers surveyed reported that partnership represented a significant portion of their strategy, with 16% stating they relied on partnerships more than any other marketing channel.

Why successful partnering requires new thinking

Partners can play a critical role in helping brands achieve their targets by helping them reach desirable new audiences and accelerating customers’ progress to conversion. But despite its effectiveness, partnering has not always been recognised as strategic marketing activity, with some marketers considering partnering relationships to be difficult to establish, manage, and measure.