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Partnerize is your powerful sales incentive partner

By Kate Ellis - Marketing Director JAPAC - Partnerize

The pandemic upended conventional spending patterns, but several years in, overly ambitious forecasting on the hopes of recovery combined with an ongoing supply chain squeeze are causing stockpiling challenges.

Now as inflation bites, retailers could soon feel the effects of excess inventory as households cut back on their spending. The good news is that there are ways to address the problem by working with partners through the Partnerize partnership management solution to move distressed inventory and boost average order value. 

The value of partnerships

With average Facebook CPMs on the up, a sizable percentage of PPC advertising invalid and a significant proportion of digital ad dollars are lost to fraudulent activity, brands and marketers are struggling with the problem of an overreliance on primary sales and marketing channels. It’s just too expensive and in the long term, unsustainable.

It’s why 80% of brands are utilising partnerships to drive profitable growth and 65% of CMOs noted there had been budget increases in partnerships in 2021. These brands understand how the partnership model enables them to set their KPIs and growth targets to align with their partner goals and targets, and it’s particularly valuable in these times when facing the problem of distressed inventory. 

However, legacy processes of spreadsheets, time-consuming manual tasks and a lack of integration across the entire partnership lifecycle doesn’t make it easy to boost partner sales. Now more than ever marketers need to ensure their brands are omnipresent within the customer journey. Across channels, mediums and devices, from discovery to purchase, partnerships are integral to connecting with the target audience.

This powerful, strategic collaboration enables customised commissions to adjust rates for sales and clearance events, set rates for distressed inventory and boost order value. It’s achievable with the right data and the sophisticated, flexible Partnerize partnerships platform that can deliver robust information at scale in a brand-safe environment.

Incentivising distressed inventory

With the looming problem of stockpiling, it’s more important than ever for brands to be fully integrated with partners and it’s vital to offer special incentives to shift inventory before its value diminishes. For example, across many types of businesses, brands can offer partners different commissions linked to discounted or clearance items.

Affiliate partnerships can be a highly effective way of moving distressed stock, an issue that’s top of mind for many retailers and brands as the end of pandemic payments and cost of living pressures impact consumer buying patterns. Utilising Partnerize, marketers can seamlessly and deeply integrate with their brand’s leading partners to offer special incentives to move distressed inventory before it loses its value.

Partnerize is right for dealing with today’s challenges

Marketers then have the opportunity to structure partner offers and commissions strategically, whether it’s offering higher rewards for meeting specific targets, moving distressed inventory or increasing the average order value (AOV). Travel is a case in point, where escalating commissions can help incentivise hotels to sell longer stays and high-margin add-ons such as meals, shows and spa treatments, boosting AOV.

Partnerize, built as a dedicated partnership management tool, offers a unique proposition: Enable brands and marketers to develop high-quality, scalable incentives across primary channels irrespective of their market with a flexible, end-to-end platform. Through the Partnerize platform, this enables efficient, highly effective and bespoke monitoring and commissioning of each individual partner, whether it’s boosting AOV or other metrics. 

The powerful growth metric for partners

Utilising the Partnerize platform enables marketers to target and incentive a host of metrics including CLV, basket size, commissions by brand, offline and online integration, acquisition and distressed, sales and clearance inventory. Brands, including retail, travel, financial services, D2C, subscription or entertainment, are able to seamlessly launch, manage and scale partnership marketing programs that deliver critical operating leverage to their unit economics. In short, marketers can transform their partnerships into profit centres, linking with 84% of publisher partners that turn to the partnership channel to connect with brands.

Worldwide or in select markets, brands can navigate complex environments to support their sales and growth targets. With Partnerize, marketers have at their fingertips a powerful platform with an integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimisation, payment, brand safety and fraud prevention capabilities. Through the power of partnerships, brands can drive sustained, profitable growth.

The way marketing is executed is fundamentally changing, driven by shifting consumer behaviour and market dynamics. It’s effectively ceding control from the marketer to consumer, and increasing the pressure for omnipresence within the buyer journey. Partnerize partnerships offer brands the combination of automation, scale and outcome-based pricing models to respond to these changing consumer patterns. 

Download the Partnerize Partnership Commissioning Strategies ebook now for a valuable insight into the proven strategies marketing leaders need to harness partnerships to move distressed inventory and increase the average order value (AOV).

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