In pictures: Harnessing AI for customer engagement - CMO roundtable Melbourne

CMO joined forces with Sitecore to run the latest leg of our roundtable series in Melbourne, entitled 'Harnessing AI for customer engagement'. Here are a selection of images from our intriguing discussion

  • ANZ's James Borg

  • Australia Post's Charles Morais (left) with Vocus Group's Felicity Macleod

  • Guests at the CMO-Sitecore roundtable

  • Vicinity Centres' David Henderson with CMO's Nadia Cameron

  • KordaMentha's Renee Taylor

  • Australia Post's Charles Morais

  • Guests arriving for the CMO-Sitecore roundtable on harnessing AI for customer engagement

  • Guests at the CMO-Sitecore roundtable

  • Sitecore's Alison Sainsbury

  • Speaking: Vocus Group's Felicity Macleod

  • Vicinity Centre's David Henderson

  • Mercer's Cambell Holt (left) and Sitecore's Peter Belton

  • IDC research analyst, Gerry Murray

  • Sitecore's Peter Belton

  • Ansell's Mitchell Mackay

  • Speaking: Landream's Samara Lovekin

  • ANZ's James Borg

  • Australia Post's Charles Morais

  • From left: ANZ's James Borg, Sitecore's Andrew Busutill, Mercer's Nidia Stoik and Landream's Samara Lovekin

  • From left: Chobani's Olivia Dickinson, KordaMentha's Renee Taylor and Vocus Group's Felicity Macleod

  • Speaking: KordaMentha's Renee Taylor

  • Featured: Landream's Samara Lovekin

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