In pictures: Harnessing AI for customer engagement - CMO-CIO roundtable

  • From left: Green Acres' Kate Callender, CMO's Nadia Cameron, Sitecore's Jordan Reizes and Kensington Swan's Nigel Stevenson

  • University of Auckland's John Pye

  • Featured: Elke van der Meijden, Mercury

  • CIO New Zealand editor, Divina Paredes

  • John Pye (left) and Glen McMillan

  • Guests were treated to some steaming food art during the roundtable lunch

  • Guests arrive for the CMO-CIO roundtable, sponsored by Sitecore, at The General, Auckland. Featured: Green Acres' Kate Callender

  • From left: CIO NZ's Divina Paredes, Kensington Swan's Nigel Stevenson, paper Plus' Mandy Kennedy and Krunch's Glen McMillan

  • Guests at the CMO-CIO roundtable

  • Biomatter's Haydn Cooper

  • Kensington Swan's Ben Paul

  • Mandy Kennedy and Glen McMillan

  • University of Auckland's Kirsten McHarg

  • Russell McVeagh's Deborah Macrae

  • TVNZ's Jonathan Symons

  • Biomatters' Melissa Pentecost

  • Guests at the CMO-CIO roundtable

  • Kensington Swan's Nigel Stevenson

  • Sitecore's Jordan Reizes (left) with TVNZ's Kym Niblock

  • CIO NZ's Divina Paredes

  • The Selwyn Foundation's Andy Stewart

  • Uni of Auckland's John Pye with Sitecore's Luke Modlmayr

  • Buddle Findlay's Olwin Kleve

  • From left: Melissa Pentecost, Jonathan Symons, Deborah Macrae and Ben Paul

  • Ben Paul and CMO's Nadia Cameron

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