At Cebit opening ceremony, leaders evoke need to protect private data

All, that is, except U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who says violin music and a robot thespian are typical Sunday evening entertainment

  • Simultaneously pressing two buttons, one to either side of the steering wheel, will engage autonomous driving mode in Volkswagen's prototype of a future car interface, James 2025, shown at the opening ceremony of Cebit 2014.

  • James 2025, a prototype of the interior of a future autonomous car, at the opening ceremony of 2025, watched by Stephan Weil, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Dieter Kempf.

  • Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn showed attendees at the Cebit 2014 opening ceremony the control unit that can allow an Audi A7 to drive autonomously.

  • "The IT sector offers an enormous opportunity for all member states to develop modern forms of employment. There's a lack of skills which is why education and training is so important," German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendees at the opening ceremony of Cebit 2014.

  • The Cebit 2014 opening ceremony began with a dialog between a young actor and a robot, RoboThespian, intended to symbolize the new generation of 'digital natives'.

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the opening ceremony of the Cebit 2014 trade show in Hanover, Germany.

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