Forging connection between CMO and CIO for customer success

Marketers are well aware today’s customers demand frictionless experiences that are relevant, personalised and differentiated. It’s equally apparent harnessing data and technology is key to fulfilling the CMO’s mission to drive company growth. 

Yet without a clear connection into IT, many marketers continue to struggle to realise their organisation’s customer potential and build that unified customer view. 

Marketing’s growing data demands of speed, availability and agility to meet rapidly changing customer behaviours don’t always align with IT’s traditional modus operandi of developing and maintaining hard-coded, legacy systems. While marketers look to improve conversion and consistency of message and engagement across front-end channels, CIOs are tasked with turning technology into revenue, governing and mitigating against data risk and keeping the tech stack cost-effective, efficient and primed for whole-of-organisation use. 

Without a clear business case and goals for customer-oriented data projects, marketers all-too often find themselves falling down the priority list as technologists focus efforts on better articulated programs of work. What’s more, without a collaborative relationship with IT based on trust and transparency, marketers remain frustrated in their efforts to build an agile, data-led customer approach. 

So just what does it take to make the CMO-CIO partnership work?

During this exclusive virtual panel discussion featuring marketing and technology leaders, sponsored by Oracle and facilitated by CMO, we’ll investigate:

  • What it takes to get marketing and data technology deployments over the line – from business goals and use cases to aligning measures of success

  • How several Australian organisations have successfully navigated the challenge of CMO-CIO partnership

  • Fusing the data story between CMO and CIO for better customer success

  • Key ingredients to developing CMO-CIO trust and ways of working for effective collaboration

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Thursday, 5th Nov 2020 12:30 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.


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Who Should Attend

  • Chief marketing officer, head of marketing
  • VP, executive and director of marketing
  • 2IC, Marketing Manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Customer experience leader, manager