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State of CX Leadership 2022 report: How customer experience leaders are defending the customer imperative
By CMO | 6/2/2023

Now in its second year, CMO’s State of CX Leadership report is an annual research initiative gauging the state of customer experience leadership and ownership across A/NZ organisations today, both in terms of functional role and structure, as well as position and influence within the business.

In this latest report, we explore the data, technology and operational imperatives CX leaders are focused on; which functional and business leaders are actually responsible for CX management and the functions they oversee; evolving metrics and measures used to understand and improve CX; technologies on the purchasing list; CX skills development; how CX leaders are fostering relationship with marketing; and much more. This year's edition of the State of CX Leadership report is brought to you by Optimizely.

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CMO50 special report: Practising personalisation in a new era of passion points, preferences and purpose
By CMO | 11/1/2023

As our customers exhibit growing desire to be recognised for their preferences and passion points, the personalisation capabilities brands build need to adapt and flex to suit. Research from Forrester demonstrates experience leaders who practice personalisation at scale consistently deliver increased value to customers and benefit to their business by providing a personalised experience across every channel, touchpoint and interaction. To get there, these leaders are investing in data, technology, customer journey orchestration and content.

Yet there’s also a need to complement operational capability with a firm grasp of customer tastes, preferences and values. Because they are imperative to connection. In fact, more than 7 in 10 consumers in Australia change preferences and tastes every three months. In this special whitepaper, we speak to CMO50 2022 alumni members about how they’re endeavouring to build out personalisation capabilities, at scale, and realise rapid responsiveness in programs and touchpoints.

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Audience intelligence: Building your brand and protecting it
By Isentia | 23/11/2022

Helping brands and organisations understand the risk landscape and anticipate shifts in perception and consumer behaviour lies at the heart of Pulsar’s unique audience intelligence approach. By uniting conversational and behavioural insights with AI, Pulsar allows brands to recognise communities truly engaged with their industry, trend and offering. This includes communities they may not realise exist. Pulsar’s is an audience-first approach enabling CMOs to deep dive into behaviours, intentionality, associations and the customer experience to drive more effective and impactful campaigns and programs.

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Mastering the art of brand reputation in a digital world
By Isentia | 23/11/2022

In an age where digital channels have become the primary way consumers communicate and relate, how an organisation manages brand perceptions and salience has transformed. It’s not just what brands say to the world. Misinformation is rife, and consumers are demanding communications link to action, and that businesses share corporate values openly. In this webcast, featuring reputation intelligence experts plus marketing chiefs from Mars and MyDeal, we explore the imperative to tune into consumer insight and cultural context through AI-powered audience intelligence to ensure your brand reputation management is proactive, not reactive.

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How to harness social listening to drive superior CX
By Isentia | 23/11/2022

The voice of customer can be found everywhere online, from social channels and forums to review sites, Twitter threads and Facebook community pages. But understanding the innumerable touchpoints each customer has with your brand, then harnessing these to improve customer experiences, clearly doesn’t come from waiting for brand mentions to filter through social media alerts. It’s high time marketers better understood behaviours to not just respond to but anticipate customers. This practical guide illustrates how top CX professionals use audience intelligence to more deeply understanding customers’ needs, priorities and pain points.

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The evolving social and search dialogue on sustainability
By Isentia | 23/11/2022

Dive into search and social intelligence and it is evident usage of ‘sustainability’ has transformed over the past decade. It’s equally clear there are evolving dimensions to sustainability motivator and behaviours depending on product, societal, environmental and brand perceptions and contexts. So what key moments have triggered those shifts over the past few years? Who are the main audiences participating in this conversation? What industries are – and should be – involved in public conversation around sustainability? And is solution or problem-oriented creative resonating most?

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Slip slop slap: The social trends shifting consumer choices
By Isentia | 23/11/2022

The variety of sunscreen products in-market provides consumers with choice. But it’s also a trigger for confusion, contradictory advice and emotionally loaded misinformation across online news and social platforms. Add unique Australian views on sunburn and promoting sun protection into the mix, and brands are facing dynamic buyer behaviours requiring a fresh narrative. Read this report to find out the drivers behind why people use sunscreen, key moments of audience engagement with sunscreen and SPF products, and how brands cut through the clutter and own communication spaces yet to be filled across this sector.

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The Agile Marketing Playbook
By IntelligenceBank | 21/7/2022

What is Agile Marketing? It’s a way of working that lets inter-connected Marketing teams and organizations make smarter decisions faster. The benefits of Agile Marketing are real and become visible quickly - especially when applied to the major bottlenecks your team is currently experiencing. This eBook outlines everything you need to know about Agile Marketing, how to get started, and the tools you need to get there.

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State of the CMO 2022 Report
By CMO | 21/6/2022

Now in its sixth year, CMO's State of the CMO is an annual industry research initiative aimed at gauging how Australian marketing leadership is evolving both in terms of functional role, as well as contribution to business. To do this, our report looks into key aspects of the CMO position and marketing function, encompassing the professional standing of the modern marketing leader, their technology procurement and influence, functional responsibilities and remit, extent of influence as a digital and customer custodian within their organisations, skills and priorities. This annual review provides a valuable benchmark on what it means to be a CMO in today’s market and how the role continues to transform and expand. The 2022 edition is brought to you by Optimizely.

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Make messaging a key part of your marketing approach
By Cohesity | 9/6/2022

Meeting customers where they are is paramount to the success of any marketing team. As a result, text message (or SMS) marketing is one of the most efficient channels in a marketer’s toolkit. Understanding the ins and outs of an SMS approach, though, is no easy feat. With the right models, marketing teams can measure ROI and can see how effective SMS marketing can be. This brief shares guidance on how marketing teams can prioritise SMS as part of their marketing mix.

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