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Reinventing Software Testing for DevOps and Modern Application Delivery
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

Times have changed—a lot. If the way that you’re testing hasn’t already transformed dramatically, it will soon. And the pace and scope of disruption will continue to escalate throughout the foreseeable future. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the path forward requires testing to deliver fast, continuous insight into an application’s business risk and “release readiness.” However, the scope of what’s needed to achieve that varies broadly. This paper explains what’s required across every testing team, explores some of the primary challenges to delivering the expected level of insight, then provides a quick introduction to how 1600+ organizations overcome those challenges with Tricentis.

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Quality Center Migration Guide - Six Steps to Migrate from Quality Center to a Modern, Open Testing Platform
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

In a market that is rapidly evolving to accommodate new software delivery models, a strategy that focuses on cost-cutting rather than innovation has signaled forwardthinking enterprises to re-evaluate their development and testing toolstack. Read More

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SAP S/4HANA Migration Guide - Key Steps for Faster, Safer SAP Updates
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

SAP customers face a major challenge when migrating their businesses to S/4HANA. While upgrading to S/4HANA promises many benefits, it is not without risk. Not only will the migration impact SAP applications, but also the customizations and connected technologies (UIs, APIs, mobile, databases, third-party applications, etc.) that collectively run your business. Poorly planned migrations can lead to cost overruns, system downtimes, security lapses, and other serious business consequences.

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How Manual SAP Testing Falls Short - and What You Can Do About It
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

Today’s IT teams are expected to drive enterprise-class digital transformation initiatives. However, that’s proving an issue for many—particularly as the extended nature of today’s end-to-end business processes means that even the smallest software application changes can have a disrupting impact on extended SAP processes. As organizations transform their business operating models, they’re increasingly having to deal with the fact that the traditional manual software testing approaches that they have always trusted simply don’t have enough bandwidth or capability to meet the new business expectations.

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BRAND AUTOMATION Why your organisation needs it. How to get ready for it.
By MyAdbox | 27/2/2020

In marketing, the future is Brand Automation, and if you haven’t started thinking about it, you need to, because your competitors are already walking the path. Or should we say, running the path. That’s not a scare tactic. It’s reality. Large, household name companies, right now, across the globe, are driving the tangible cost and time saving benefits of Brand Automation to their bottom line, while simultaneously enjoying the advantages of full brand protection and streamlined asset management. The smart ones are also using Brand Automation systems to intelligently scope their marketing practices and analyse their network efficiencies.

In this White Paper, we’ll guide you through the benefits and challenges of Brand Automation, what it is that makes MyAdbox unique as a Brand Automation platform, and what it will take to get you ‘system ready’ to align with our platform so you can start saving a fortune

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Why does marketing need its own data platform?
By n3hub | 19/2/2020

The increasing importance of data-driven digital marketing is putting huge pressure on enterprise infrastructure systems that aren’t capable of segmenting data just the way marketers want it.

For businesses and organisations that already recognise the value of digital marketing and delivering the data it needs for success, a purpose built customer data platform (CDP) is proving to be key for providing rich customer experiences that translate into sales and ongoing loyalty. For medium-to-large enterprises that haven’t yet made the leap to a CDP, there’s a business case to write.

In our latest whitepaper, we address the top 5 reasons management and IT decision makers need to understand why marketing so desperately needs its own data platform.

Top 5 reasons include: 1. Marketing needs a fast torrent of data, not a slow trickle 2. Marketing needs to add data constantly 3. Marketing needs massive data storage 4. The data needed for marketing isn’t needed anywhere else 5. Taking marketing data out of the mix is a weight off operational systems

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Experience 2030 – Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Experience
By SAS | 20/1/2020

This infographic looks at the future of customer service and five ways businesses can ensure customer experience success. To increase customer profitability, streamline operations, and foster loyalty, businesses need to address and improve their customer experience strategy. And, for businesses looking to keep up with the leaders and disruptors in customer experience, they need to act now and develop a culture where customer experience is their obsession. This infographic looks at the future of customer service and five ways businesses can ensure customer experience success.

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Transforming the modern marketing function
By CMO | 24/9/2019

How have leading CMOs gone about realigning their marketing teams, approach and leadership skills in order to meet the demands of their CEO, business and customers? And how do they anticipate the rise of AI and machine learning will transform how marketing teams operate in the future? Download our whitepaper to see how marketing has been experiencing transformative change as digital becomes a business imperative.

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State of the CMO 2019
By CMO | 13/6/2019

CMO’s State of the CMO is an annual industry research initiative aimed at understanding how Australian marketing leadership is evolving. The report looks into key aspects of the CMO position and function, encompassing the professional standing of the modern marketing leader, their technology procurement remit and investments, functional responsibilities, the extent of their role as digital and customer owners within the business, skills and much more.

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State of Marketing: Fifth Edition
By SalesForce Australia | 10/1/2019

Salesforce Research surveyed over 4,100 marketing leaders worldwide to discover how cross-functional dynamics are shifting to satisfy customer and business demands among an array of other findings.

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