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How to get the conversation right
By Jade Software | 25/2/2019

With the world becoming more and more digitally focused, developing close relationships and real connections with customers and employees is a must. The way we can do this is through conversation - after all, conversations are what people use to get things done. Chatbots probably wouldn’t be the first solution you’d think of to address this issue, and we wouldn’t blame you.

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State of Marketing: Fifth Edition
By SalesForce Australia | 10/1/2019

Salesforce Research surveyed over 4,100 marketing leaders worldwide to discover how cross-functional dynamics are shifting to satisfy customer and business demands among an array of other findings.

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Data Sharing Technology Unlocks Analytics Insights for ANZ
By Data Republic | 5/11/2018

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia. As a highly regulated financial services provider, ANZ has an absolute priority on data security. ANZ wanted to strategically innovate and drive internal exploration of its corporate data. The bank knew that it can make good business sense for organizations to share data to drive better business decisions. Data exchanges happen frequently when relationships are already set up, such as credit bureaus providing credit assessments to lending institutions evaluating a loan application.

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How Much is Your Company's Data Really Worth?
By Data Republic | 5/11/2018

The first step in the journey towards bringing data onto the balance sheet is for businesses to evaluate and treat data as an asset, as they would their brand. The aim of this paper is to describe how businesses can determine the market price of their data assets when used by other organisations and the resulting total opportunity for revenue derived from data commercialisation.

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The Data Governance Effect: How to structure your business for data liquidity.
By Data Republic | 5/11/2018

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, access to data has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes. The ebook you’re reading is designed to help shift perceptions around this status quo. It describes how organizations can create new data governance structures that define the collection of useful data, ensure its secure storage and position it as a strategic asset. It also details how businesses can begin setting up systems within their own walls to investigate this data, uncovering new insights independently

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Guide: Journey to the Data Economy
By Data Republic | 5/11/2018

Managing an organisation without all the adequate data about existing and potential customers, citizens, markets and other critical areas is much like being that triathlete with flawed equipment. With no way to accurately view and characterise your audience, most businesses struggle to effectively connect them with the goods and services they require. Data sharing and commercial data exchange (DX) is a powerful process that, when implemented correctly, can illuminate the best path for your business to join the data economy. This guide introduces the path to internal and external data sharing, outlining the benefits it can bring to business and government entities, and offers a basic primer on how to integrate this activity into an organisation. We will also explore how secure data exchange can turn the data your organisation collects into a new revenue stream, thus joining the rapidly expanding data economy.

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The Future of Work is All About Life
By LogMeIn | 31/10/2018

Today’s workforce is impressively empowered to weave work into the fabric of employees’ lives. They’re getting the job done while still achieving personal goals and enjoying the moments that matter most. The future of work is flexible, globally collaborative, simplified by technology – and all about life.

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The Modern Face of Collaboration: Infographic
By LogMeIn | 31/10/2018

The collaboration market is evolving. We’ve seen numerous mergers and acquisitions, enterprise investments and startup solutions in just the last year. What’s driving these dynamics? And how can you ensure your business stays ahead?

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Amplify your voice with GoToMeeting: Infographic
By LogMeIn | 31/10/2018

In an instant, the business world can change. You need to harness the limitless potential of your employees with fast, flexible and frictionless communications that bring all the best voices to the table so they can deliver on your game-changing.

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A Better Customer Experience Starts with a Better Agent Experience: How to Maximize Productivity to Drive Results
By LogMeIn | 23/10/2018

You’ve heard the old sayings: “It’s the people that make the place,” and “You’re only as good as your team.” It’s true, having the best people onboard makes your business stronger. But let’s say you hit the hiring jackpot and have the best team on the planet working in your contact center. Your customer experience is going to be awesome, right? Unfortunately, the answer is not a definite yes.

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