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What marketers can learn from today to reinvent brand marketing tomorrow
By ADMA | 9/7/2020

Necessity has always been the mother of invention. And amid the challenges and uncertainty COVID-19 as a crisis has presented all industries, there’s been unprecedented innovation in brand and consumer engagement.

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Keeping customer interactions intelligent in the face of change
By ADMA | 9/7/2020

For marketers working their way through the fallout from COVID-19, there has been an inevitable shift from acquisition to customer engagement and retention. Never has customer experience management been more important. And smart marketers not only recognised it, they acted on it.

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5 Lessons for marketers in growth strategy
By ADMA | 9/7/2020

In the latest ADMA Think Tank, leaders from across Australia’s corporate landscape debate modern attitudes to growth and the role marketing plays as a company growth engine.

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Human Centric Service in a Time of Crisis
By Salesforce.com | 9/6/2020

In today’s digitally driven environment, the need to create human-centric services has never been more important. According to Forrester Research 86% of customers say a positive emotional connection drives loyalty. Companies today are actively pursuing a human-centric approach to their Customer Experience programs. Through effective personalisation and engagement strategies they are leading the way in building customer trust and meaningful interactions. This report will examine the topic of human centricity at length, evaluating the latest innovations deployed by Service Trailblazers who are redefining customer experience today. We will discuss innovations around artificial intelligence, automation, connected customer engagement and field service, uncovering how these are helping organisations create personalised, reliable, and effortless services whilst retaining a human-first approach.

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How to optimisie Programmatic Media spend using the power of a Customer Data Platform
By n3hub | 3/6/2020

As the need for digital media and media buying becomes stronger than ever to effectively communicate with customers, it should come as no surprise that with this, customers are at the forefront of digital marketing strategies. In digital media, audience data is collected and grouped or allocated into various segments based on characteristics they have displayed – such as websites they visit, interests and hobbies. Advertisers can buy this data and optimise their digital media to align with the audience groups they want to target. The more you can segment users and refine your message, the more effective your programmatic media spend is going to be. The end goal is to reach the right person at the right time on the right platform with the perfect message – something that n3 Hub’s Customer Data Platform has the ability to do.

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Tough Times Are Here. It's Time To Prosper.
By MyAdbox | 17/4/2020

Bushfires. Floods. The demise of an Aussie automotive icon. Now the dreaded V word that has infected news headlines everywhere. Uncertain times loom and there is a feeling of inevitability about tough economic conditions on the back of this pandemic.To exacerbate the problem, the new era of globalisation has us all inextricably linked, making economic contractions harder to counter than ever. But now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to prepare and prosper.

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Why Savvy Businesses are Leading with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
By Progress Software | 3/4/2020

The threat of digital disruption is touching a broader number of businesses than ever before. Since 2000, more than half of Fortune 500 companies have gone bankrupt, been acquired or otherwise ceased to exist. With digital disruption accelerating the fall of these legacy enterprises, according to Capgemini, the message is clear: every organization must use technology to disrupt their industry before someone else does.

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Reinventing Software Testing for DevOps and Modern Application Delivery
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

Times have changed—a lot. If the way that you’re testing hasn’t already transformed dramatically, it will soon. And the pace and scope of disruption will continue to escalate throughout the foreseeable future. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the path forward requires testing to deliver fast, continuous insight into an application’s business risk and “release readiness.” However, the scope of what’s needed to achieve that varies broadly. This paper explains what’s required across every testing team, explores some of the primary challenges to delivering the expected level of insight, then provides a quick introduction to how 1600+ organizations overcome those challenges with Tricentis.

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Quality Center Migration Guide - Six Steps to Migrate from Quality Center to a Modern, Open Testing Platform
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

In a market that is rapidly evolving to accommodate new software delivery models, a strategy that focuses on cost-cutting rather than innovation has signaled forwardthinking enterprises to re-evaluate their development and testing toolstack. Read More

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SAP S/4HANA Migration Guide - Key Steps for Faster, Safer SAP Updates
By Tricentis | 17/3/2020

SAP customers face a major challenge when migrating their businesses to S/4HANA. While upgrading to S/4HANA promises many benefits, it is not without risk. Not only will the migration impact SAP applications, but also the customizations and connected technologies (UIs, APIs, mobile, databases, third-party applications, etc.) that collectively run your business. Poorly planned migrations can lead to cost overruns, system downtimes, security lapses, and other serious business consequences.

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