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5 Best Practices for Aligning Sales and Marketing
By Seismic | 2/12/2020

According to IDC misalignment of sales and marketing can cost companies an average of 10% or more of annual revenue. In tough times, that can mean the difference between growing your business or shutting parts of it down. Although evolving business conditions and the prevalence of remote work may have made it more challenging, aligning sales and marketing is more critical than ever. Here are five best practices for alignment. Read more.

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Breaking through the Content Clutter: Using Personalization to Engage Buyers
By Seismic | 2/12/2020

Across today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, companies are learning to conduct business in new ways. People are working remotely more than ever before. Meetings and conferences are moving to teleconferencing formats. Customers are spending increasing amounts of time online. In short, digital interactions have become the primary, and in many cases, the sole method of internal and external communication.

Among the enterprise teams that are adapting, business to-business (B2B) sales may be facing the greatest challenges of all. Why? Because B2B sales executives traditionally grounded their success on being able to engage with buyers and nurture relationships face to-face. But that approach may no longer be possible. Instead, sales executives need to rely increasingly on technology to build and nurture relationships with buyers. To ensure business continuity, they need to recognize that personalizing digital content is now a critical capability for enterprise sales.

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CMO50 2020 special report: Customer-led innovation in a time of crisis and beyond
By CMO | 15/10/2020

In the midst of the strife of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a flourishing of innovation across Australian marketing and customer teams as they strive to keep up with rapidly changing customer needs and expectations, acceleration of digitisation and connectivity, and the customer retention imperative.

As we come into what some are pitching the ‘next normal’, are there lessons and future opportunities from these innovations CMOs are looking to sustain and grow? And how has this time of necessary invention changed the role and impact of the CMO on their organisation’s innovation efforts? In this whitepaper, we speak to five leading Australian marketing chiefs from our CMO50 alumni to find out.

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Why Creating Emotion in Customers is the Key to CX Success
By InMoment | 15/10/2020

Should creating emotion be a customer experience goal? In this whitepaper, InMoment outlines why measuring emotion and having a focus on the types of emotions brands conjure in their customers, is important to understand and improve.

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Your Digital Experience Transformation Roadmap
By InMoment | 15/10/2020

What does a successful digital experience strategy look like for your brand? Digital success should start with the customer and online experiences should be consistent, seamless and customer-first. This roadmap will walk you through creating a winning digital experience strategy for your business.

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Why CX is the Secret Ingredient for CMOs
By InMoment | 15/10/2020

Digital Transformation is driving CMOs to become more customer centric. As consumer behaviour evolves and digital channels accelerate, it has become increasingly important for CMOs to understand the 'why' and 'how' of customer purchasing decisions. Read this whitepaper to learn how digital transformation is accelerating the customer experience and business outcomes.

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A guide to digital platforms used for direct and indirect marketing
By n3hub | 23/9/2020

In this day and age, every industry has their own platforms, which in turn, come with their own set of acronyms – so it should come as no surprise that the digital, marketing and communication industries are no different. The more you try and understand, the more acronyms you come across and the more confusing it gets.

To help demystify the differenct platforms, n3 hub have come up with a guide to the various marketing platforms you need to know about, how they are used and what you need to make them work best for you.

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Employee Experience and Business Transformation: The View from APJ and GCN
By SAP Australia | 8/9/2020

DX is still a challenge in the Asia/Pacific Region.

With very diverse culture, languages and business practices digital transformation is happenning at different pace by country, but there are some common patterns.

The lack of relevant digital skills for newer technologies is seen as a major challenge for a third 32.9% of all organizations across the region; almost twice as many organizations 61% find that transforming their people and processes to new ways of operating is a difficult challenge.

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THE AGILITY ENGINE - The role of IT in preparing small and midsize organizations for growth in the next economy
By SAP Australia | 8/9/2020

IT is at the center of modern businesses. CIOs have emerged as key strategic leaders, developers are in demand, and organizations across industries subscribe at some level to the notion that every company is a technology company. At small and midsize operations, IT faces particular opportunities and challenges. They prepare the rest of the organization for long-term resilience, set the foundation for ongoing digital transformation, and ensure that every other part of the business has the tools it needs—all while managing the budget and talent constraints that many smaller firms face.

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Experience management: Lay the foundations for a successful business recovery today
By Qualtrics | 20/8/2020

Businesses are operating in new commercial contexts as they work to accommodate changes and restrictions few saw coming. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way customers are perceiving and interacting with experiences brands deliver during this time. If brands are going to remain relevant, considered and rewarded for their efforts right now, it’s absolutely essential they are able to deliver in the moments and areas that matter.

But even as we continue to navigate the unchartered waters of the COVID-19 crisis, brands must also keep a firm eye on how the now feeds into the next if they’re to retain the hearts and minds of customers as the economy and society recovers. Because it’s today’s experiences that will influence how you’re remembered tomorrow.

Join us for CMO’s recorded virtual event, sponsored by Qualtrics and featuring Volkswagen’s Jason Bradshaw expert industry opinion, real-life customer and subject matter expert insights, as they explore:

* Why ongoing investment into customer and brand experience is critical in today’s climate * What consumers expect of brands and organisations during this time, and how brands should act for optimum impact * How brand experience and customer experience can operate in tandem in the moments that matter * What steps marketing and customer leaders can take to set up for a post-COVID-19 world * The role of customer, employee, and market feedback and insight in charting a course towards recovery

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