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How to Transform Your Influencers and Sponsorships into Growth Drivers
By Partnerize | 28/9/2021

External partnerships can drive more value. The challenge for CMOs, however, lies in how to approach this as a long-term and integral part of a marketing strategy to deliver continued growth and brand exposure while not inflating marketing budgets. CMO’s can play an integral role by ultimately spearheading the success of the partnership. This brief looks at how CMOs can elevate their sponsorship and influencer strategy.

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Social Customer Care - 5 Steps to Elevate Your Brand With Social Customer Care
By HootSuite | 3/9/2021

Delivering world-class customer care needs to be a core part of any organisation’s marketing strategy. After going to the time and expense of acquiring new customers, it’s vital that they invest in customer care strategies to strengthen their relationships with customers and keep them loyal for years to come. This white paper presents five key steps that businesses can take to start elevating their brand with social customer care.

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Charting A New Path to Growth
By Forrester Research | 20/8/2021

The events of 2020 challenged organisations like never before. For B2B CMOs, these events accelerated a shift that was already in motion. In this time, B2B organisations learned to preserve their customer relationships and strengthen their commitment to customer-centricity. This Forrester paper reveals how B2B marketing leaders are adapting their marketing strategies to support organisational growth in today’s disrupted business landscape.

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State of the CMO 2021
By CMO | 3/8/2021

CMO’s State of the CMO is an annual industry research initiative aimed at gauging how Australian marketing leadership is evolving both in terms of functional role, as well as contribution to business. Our special 2021 report looks into key aspects of the CMO position and marketing function, encompassing the professional standing of the modern marketing leader, their technology procurement and influence, functional responsibilities and remit, budgets, extent of influence as a digital and customer custodian within their organisations, skills and priorities.

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Getting the Most Out Of Marketing Partnerships
By Partnerize | 14/7/2021

Partnering with third party organisations and affiliates is an effective method for helping marketers achieve their goals. When used effectively, partnership not only connects brands with new audiences, but can also nurture audience members all the way through to conversion. This white paper looks at the responses of 50 C-level managers and marketing executives in Australian organisations to understand their use of partnership within their marketing programs.

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What's the role of customer inertia versus cutting a deal in the services sector?
By DBM Consultants | 11/3/2021

It’s safe to say that the COVID19 epidemic has caused ripples in most industries and consumer behavioural trends worldwide. This whitepaper focuses particularly on how the pandemic has impacted and evolved consumer lifecycles, attitudes, expectations and behaviours across the services sector, specifically in utilities (electricity, gas and water), telecommunications (phone and data) and insurance (home, motor and health).

The study explores how “the new normal” has shaped trends relating to switching providers and brand loyalty across these sectors, delving into the following consumer lifecycle topics: • provider relationships • onboarding experience • bill shock and scrutiny • ongoing usage and desired communications • loyalty, renewals and switching.

Finally, recommendations for service providers to optimise customer retention are provided.

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5 Best Practices for Aligning Sales and Marketing
By Seismic | 2/12/2020

According to IDC misalignment of sales and marketing can cost companies an average of 10% or more of annual revenue. In tough times, that can mean the difference between growing your business or shutting parts of it down. Although evolving business conditions and the prevalence of remote work may have made it more challenging, aligning sales and marketing is more critical than ever. Here are five best practices for alignment. Read more.

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Breaking through the Content Clutter: Using Personalization to Engage Buyers
By Seismic | 2/12/2020

Across today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, companies are learning to conduct business in new ways. People are working remotely more than ever before. Meetings and conferences are moving to teleconferencing formats. Customers are spending increasing amounts of time online. In short, digital interactions have become the primary, and in many cases, the sole method of internal and external communication.

Among the enterprise teams that are adapting, business to-business (B2B) sales may be facing the greatest challenges of all. Why? Because B2B sales executives traditionally grounded their success on being able to engage with buyers and nurture relationships face to-face. But that approach may no longer be possible. Instead, sales executives need to rely increasingly on technology to build and nurture relationships with buyers. To ensure business continuity, they need to recognize that personalizing digital content is now a critical capability for enterprise sales.

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CMO50 2020 special report: Customer-led innovation in a time of crisis and beyond
By CMO | 15/10/2020

In the midst of the strife of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a flourishing of innovation across Australian marketing and customer teams as they strive to keep up with rapidly changing customer needs and expectations, acceleration of digitisation and connectivity, and the customer retention imperative.

As we come into what some are pitching the ‘next normal’, are there lessons and future opportunities from these innovations CMOs are looking to sustain and grow? And how has this time of necessary invention changed the role and impact of the CMO on their organisation’s innovation efforts? In this whitepaper, we speak to five leading Australian marketing chiefs from our CMO50 alumni to find out.

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Why Creating Emotion in Customers is the Key to CX Success
By InMoment | 15/10/2020

Should creating emotion be a customer experience goal? In this whitepaper, InMoment outlines why measuring emotion and having a focus on the types of emotions brands conjure in their customers, is important to understand and improve.

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