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CMO50 special report: Building consumer trust in the digital-first era
By CMO | 14/4/2022

There’s no doubt we’re in the midst of a digital-first economy, fuelled by data and driven by technology capability. Yet it’s also a world run on customer connections and the very human concept of trust.

According to the latest research conducted by Adobe, consumers will stop purchasing from brands, opt out of communications, cancel subscriptions and go so far as to post negative social reviews if they feel their privacy and trust has been compromised. So how do brands ensure they are building a connection with customers that engenders trust? In this special CMO50 whitepaper featuring insights from our CMO50 alumni, we’ll explore what brands see as the most important elements, how and where marketing leaders are responding to ever-greater demands of relevancy and personalisation in customer interactions – and where they aren’t, plus technology and digital capability investments helping them in the quest to build trusted customer relationships.

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Advancing Digital Marketing With Human Movement Data
By Near | 1/4/2022

Digital marketing is constantly innovating and marketing leaders should be able to stay ahead of the trend and adopt new approaches and technologies. Many organizations still find creating effective digital marketing strategies difficult, particularly as data volumes grow and become harder to generate insight from. This on-demand webcast discusses how organizations can leverage people and places insights and human movement data to improve their digital marketing capabilities.

The webcast also covers why real-world data is critical for improving digital marketing ROI, how to create and manage audiences based on real-world data as well as program examples on how to attract and retain customers

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Commerce Marketing Priorities in 2022
By SAI Digital | 10/3/2022

With more consumers than ever buying online, businesses need to be prepared to step up their digital marketing efforts so they can meet the growing demands of their customers. For many organisations, this means embracing automation and the benefits it can offer. This white paper looks at the top seven commerce marketing areas that businesses should prioritise in 2022.

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2022 Digital Trends APAC Report
By Adobe | 25/2/2022

The pandemic has introduced a multitude of new “normals” into the business environment. Many organisations have had to rapidly transition to digital ways of working to maintain their operations, empower their staff, and meet the modern needs of their customers. This report looks at the digital trends shaping enterprise in APAC and discusses how businesses in the region can shape their digital strategies to maximise the potential of their staff.

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Straw. Sticks. Bricks. Build the Right Foundations and Weather Any Storm
By Adobe | 11/2/2022

In this unpredictable world, one thing we can rely on is that life is never short of surprises. Ensuring your MarTech foundations are solid enough to weather any storm and offer the scalability you need, is vital in ensuring your Customer Experience never falters. This white paper discusses how you can evaluate and select the right marketing automation solution to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

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Experience Makers Marketing Toolkit
By Adobe | 11/2/2022

As a business it’s your lead generation strategy that that’s going to help you acquire new leads and turn them into customers. There are four key foundational pillars that are likely to play an important role in your lead generation strategy, how you build it up, and how you continue to refine it over time. This video featuring the Automation Geeks provides businesses with the very best marketing automation tips, with a focus on how to improve their lead generation capabilities.

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From Challenge to Change
By Adobe | 11/2/2022

Pivoting in the midst of a pandemic posed tremendous challenges for many organisations, and greatly impacted traditional ways of working. However, it also gave the world a glimpse into the power of digital—with all its agility, creativity, and possibility. This infographic looks at the responses of 426 businesses across APAC to understand how enterprise changed during the pandemic and what those changes mean moving forward.

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How A Cloud-Native CMS Makes Content Delivery Faster and Easier
By Adobe | 11/2/2022

The world of content management is shifting. Real-time, personalised experiences are now commonplace and are increasingly expected as default by consumers. However, many companies still struggle to deliver relevant real-time content experiences to users which is holding them back from generating greater results. This white paper looks at the benefits businesses can realise by introducing a cloud-native content management system (CMS).

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Ask More From Your CMS
By Adobe | 11/2/2022

Today, most businesses are thinking a lot about how to create, deliver and optimise content-led experiences. A recent global survey by Econsultancy said that content management, along with targeting and personalisation, is a top concern for businesses that are leading in customer experience. This eGuide shows businesses how to choose, deploy, and optimise a CMS that provides more engaging experiences for customers and delivers better business results.

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf – Invest In the Marketing Automation Software That is Built to Last
By Adobe | 10/2/2022

Agility, adaptability, and an automation solution are must-haves for any modern marketing team. But as the consumer landscape and customer expectations change and evolve, your team’s strengths can only take you so far, if your marketing automation solution is holding you back. This eBook explains where marketing automation commonly falls short and how Marketo Engage can help businesses overcome these challenges and elevate customer experiences.

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