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Five Critical Requirements for Customer Experience in an Ultra-Connected Era
By Genesys | 22/3/2018

Taking a journey-focused approach to customer experience is critical. It helps put the customer at the centre of your business strategy, which, in turn, drives loyalty and revenue.

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Artificial Intelligence With The Human Touch
By Genesys | 22/3/2018

Companies are leveraging AI embedded in their customer engagement platforms to gain efficiencies, increase agent productivity, deliver better customer experiences, and, ultimately, transform operations by uncovering new revenue streams.

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Ten considerations for moving your contact centre to the cloud
By Genesys | 7/8/2017

This eBook offers ten key considerations for selecting a partner and moving to a cloud-based contact centre. Evaluating these criteria and answering critical questions at the outset enables you to select the solution provider that is the best match with your organisation’s business goals and requirements. With the knowledge gained, you’ll migrate your contact centre to the cloud with confidence.

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The Omnichannel Customer Engagement Playbook
By Genesys | 7/8/2017

Your Guide to Delivering Seamless, Personalised Customer Experiences across Digital and Voice Channels

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Engage with Customers in an Ultra-Connected Era
By Genesys | 7/8/2017

Take your customer engagement to the next level.

Connect with your customers on their terms using the PureCloud by Genesys. Deliver world-class customer engagement in a single platform that lets you exceed customer expectations today and quickly adapt as customer preferences change.

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10 Ways an Omnichannel Engagement Centre Helps You Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experience
By Genesys | 15/9/2016

This Executive Brief explores the ways in which organisations can embrace omni-channel engagement to help deliver next-generation customer experience.

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Five Tips for Mastering Digital Customer Service in 2016
By Genesys | 15/9/2016

As contact center digital engagement reaches critical mass, customers now expect the same level of service from digital and voice interactions. They’re also looking for a seamless experience when they navigate across multiple channels.

The following tips will help you prepare for this profound shift in customer engagement.

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Trends 2016: The Future Of Customer Service
By Genesys | 15/9/2016

In the age of the customer, executives don’t decide how customer-centric their companies are — customers do. Changing customer expectations for easy and effective service that is deeply personal are shaping customer service technology priorities. This report summarizes the top 10 customer service trends for 2016 that application development and delivery (AD&D) pros supporting customer service operations must pay attention to in order to deliver customer service excellence.

This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.

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Plan Now For Customer Service In 2021
By Genesys | 15/9/2016

Customer service technology buyers typically plan for the next one to two years. But to truly become customer-obsessed, companies need to understand what new technologies and customer service experiences will come to seem normal for their customers in five years. Many of these technologies require new organizational models as well as new metrics for measuring success — changes that will take time and careful planning. This report highlights the service experiences, and the technologies that underpin them, that your customers will expect in 2021.

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