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SugarCRM Customer Stories: Orion Health
By SugarCRM | 21/9/2017

As a global organisation with complex offerings, Orion Health needed to make its sales approach sustainable, scalable, consistent and measurable.

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Learn from the Mavericks
By SugarCRM | 21/9/2017

Competition is increasing, the pace of change is getting faster and digital technology is disrupting everything. We hear about these challenges ad nauseam. But a certain type of leader – the Maverick – sees these challenges as opportunities and is making some key decisions today that will set their organisation up for success in a fast-moving future.

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SugarCRM Customer Stories: P&N Bank
By SugarCRM | 21/9/2017

The challenge in this case study was to guide P&N successfully through change and bring their people along on the journey in a highly challenging and increasingly digitised marketplace.

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How your peers are leading the process of business transformation
By SugarCRM | 29/9/2016

What’s the purpose of your business? To create customers, of course. As you look to scale and grow, to transform your business, beware the trap of considering your business transformation initiatives solely from the perspective of internal processes.

This report is written for digital decision makers who want to know how their peers are succeeding at business transformation efforts using persona and customer journey maps to change their entire organisation.

Based on a survey of over 255 CMOs across Australia and New Zealand, this report describes how leading organisations consider the entire customer journey, and how they use CRM to underpin and orchestrate the entire lifecycle, not simply as a sales or support tool.

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