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The Future of Mobile Email Marketing
By Adestra | 2/6/2016

Mobile optimization and responsive design have been at the center of marketing buzz for years. While there are still companies that haven't taken the plunge, the data shows its popularity is not going to diminish any time soon. Our own research has shown mobile email opens increased by 30% in just one year.

However, optimizing for mobile is not about turning your template into a single-column design, implementing some responsive email code and increasing the size of your buttons. The marketing message should be optimized for the device, otherwise you risk degrading the customer experience. And mobile devices come in a variety of sizes, so where do you start?

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2015 Subject Line Analysis Report
By Adestra | 2/6/2016

Following on from our wildly popular report in 2013, in this year’s edition we’re taking things to the next level. In this report, you’ll find how more than 300 keywords across 4 industries affect open, click and unsubscribe rates.

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2015 Email Marketing Industry Census: Key Sector Report
By Adestra | 2/6/2016

Email marketing is having a resurgence. Businesses report that conversion rates and ROI are up, and email is increasingly becoming the heart of digital marketing strategies by integrating with other channels in the marketing stack. Not only have rumours of its death been exaggerated, but the email channel is rapidly evolving to work even better and deliver more.

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Email Automation and 1:1 Marketing
By Adestra | 2/6/2016

The well-known marketing adage says it costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Although acquiring new customers is important, ensuring you have a successful strategy to retain customers can lead to much bigger wins. Existing customers are more familiar with your brand, and are more likely to spend more, more often.

So, how can you use email to get first-time purchasers to buy again and potentially turn them into loyal customers? By using the right marketing automation program to send the right message at the right time.

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Campaign of the Year 2015: The most successful strategies of the year
By Adestra | 2/6/2016

Each month at Adestra, we celebrate and share the fantastic results of using email marketing in creative, targeted, and noteworthy ways. So you can be inspired by companies that use email marketing to its true potential.

Following on from the great success of last year’s competition, we submitted our Campaign of the Month winners to a public vote to see which one should be the ultimate winner. These campaigns have used different aspects of automation, transactional data, advanced segmentation, customer journeys, dynamic content and much more.

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