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Content Marketing For Lead Generation
By Marketo | 1/9/2017

Content is the foundation of your lead generation efforts. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “the marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

Marketers have come to rely on content to engage prospects and customers in today’s new buyer landscape. You must create content that educates, inspires, and begs to be shared. It should help leads overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations. If you are able to do that, leads will flock to you, and you’ll gain their trust. Trust is ultimately what creates customers out of leads.

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The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing
By Marketo | 1/9/2017

This Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing covers the five attributes of engaging email:

• Trusted

• Always relevant

• Conversational

• Coordinated across channels

• Strategic

As a “Definitive Guide”, it also covers all sorts of email topics, including writing subject lines, designing emails for mobile, building and managing your list, avoiding spam filters, integrating email and social, and more. The guide also talks about the latest in email technology, including what to look for in a modern email service provider.

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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation
By Marketo | 1/9/2017

This Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation is designed to answer any and all questions you have about the topic. It will show you what marketing automation is and how it can help your company. It will show you how to select the right system, and what investments are required for success.

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Harvard Business Review Whitepaper: Designing a Marketing Organisation for the Digital Age
By Marketo | 16/6/2016

What's the optimal structure for your marketing team? With the rapid pace of technology innovation, how can you ensure your team is ready and you have the right skills in place?

Marketo and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services have teamed up to provide guidance on creating the marketing organisation of the future.

Download our white paper to learn: • How your organisation should be structured • The new skills your team will need to succeed • What marketing's role should be within the broader organisation

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Economist Intelligence Report - The Path to 2020: Marketers Seize the Customer Experience
By Marketo | 16/6/2016

What do top marketing execs from Unilever, JP Morgan Chase, and Philips think the world of 2020 holds for marketers?

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 500 global CMOs to explore which technologies and customer trends are likely to change marketing organizations the most over the next 5 years and learn why 86 percent of marketers believe they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020.

Download the full report to learn: • How the top marketing channels are those that lend themselves to personalising experience • That future innovation will focus on small screens and no screens • Why marketing complexity is growing sharply

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The Definitive Guide to Web Personalisation
By Marketo | 16/6/2016

Did you know 74% of website visitors demand a personalised experience? Every visitor brings unique attributes and motivations, but the majority of today's websites fail to address visitors personally. Just like you wouldn't send the same email to your entire database, you shouldn't give web visitors the same experience.

Download our brand new 100+ page "Definitive Guide to Web Personalisation" to learn how to identify, segment, and target web visitors to deliver engaging, personalised messages that drive revenue.

Download this guide to learn: • What web personalisation is • How to create a web personalisation strategy • Where you should personalise your website

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Designing a marketing organisation for the digital age
By Marketo | 1/12/2015

What's the optimal structure for your marketing team? With the rapid pace of technology innovation, how can you ensure your team is ready and you have the right skills in place? This whitepaper looks at how your organisation should be structured, what new skills your team will need to succeed and what marketing's role should be within the broader organisation.

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The rise of the ANZ marketer
By Marketo | 20/10/2015

Research shows that marketers in ANZ predict different changes to their job landscape in the coming years when compared to marketers in the neighbouring region Asia Pacific. Discover the top areas marketers in ANZ feel they need to develop their skills in, top challenges they foresee in their job and top areas of investment for the next 12 months and see how we match up against marketers from around the globe.

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising
By Marketo | 16/9/2015

Advertising has evolved. No longer is it restricted to print publications, static billboards, radio, and television. Modern technologies have opened the door to a whole new era of advertising–digital advertising, that is. This means that modern marketers and advertisers can reach and appeal to their core audiences in new ways and with more precision.

In this comprehensive, 110+ page guide, we cover topics from the evolution of digital advertising, to how to structure your digital advertising team, to testing and optimisation. Loaded with checklists, charts, and thought leadership from digital advertising experts, The Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising will teach you how to create strategic and dynamic digital advertising.

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State of digital marketing in Australia and New Zealand
By Marketo | 20/8/2015

This 2015 report is based on a survey of almost 500 client-side marketers and agency respondents and is a bellwether for the state of the marketing industry in Australia and New Zealand. The report looks at the extent to which companies are increasing their budgets across a range of digital channels and technologies and how they are comparing online and offline budgets while also looking at technology investment priorities and most in-demand marketing skills.

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