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How To Create A Great Digital Customer Experience | Tim Sheedy, Principal Analyst, Serving CIOs, Forrester

As Australian businesses discover that their own customers are more likely to be dealing with them in the digital world, they are starting to transform into a digital business themselves. In order to achieve this, they need to master both the front-end digital customer experience and the back-end digital operational excellence. Tim Sheedy, from Forrester Research, will help attendees understand what they need to do in order to make the digital transformation. Specifically he will help you understand:

- How is the digital customer impacting retail and other industries?
- What are the four imperatives CIOs should focus on to help their companies win, serve, and retain customers?
- What is the role of the CIO and their department in supporting the transition to a digital business?
- What should your technology stack look like in order to serve your customers in the digital world?
- What role should mobile play in serving your employees and customers?

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The store is back and employees are a key driver to the stores success for New Era Retailers | Marcella Larsen Australian Retail Industry Development Executive, Microsoft

Globally we are see a shift back to the importance of the store. Increases in base pay are happening for the employees at the final mile. There is acknowledgement that well-trained, engaged and loyal employees are key to the brand and customer loyalty. Yet what retailers say and what they do are at odds. There are Implications on technology focus and leading retailers are investing in digital capabilities to harness talent in the stores to give them a voice, increase productivity and tap into as new source of innovation.

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How to Engage Employees and Respond to Rapid Change in the Digital Age | Simon Tyrell, Chief Product Officer, LiveTiles

Workers, especially millennials, want and expect access to the same types of tools and user experiences at work as they do at home. Store workers and managers see productivity levels soar when digital technology enables their day-to-day, which naturally sets the scene for a more agile, empowered and customer-ready workforce.

Simon Tyrrell, Chief Product Officer for LiveTiles, has worked with numerous companies around the world, designing solutions that respond to audiences accustomed to digital continuity. He will touch on his experiences - what worked, what didn't - as well as share strategies for planning and designing your employees' digital experience.


Moderated Panel session: Digital Transformation: Successes and Slip-ups

This panel will discuss how to succeed with digital transformation but also touch on where organisations are potentially going wrong.

- What makes a good digital transformation program? (A digital plan that aligns with core business objectives? A board that understands IT? A focus on the cultural aspects of digital transformation?)

- What are organisations, particularly retailers, potentially doing wrong? (Creating a mobile app or digital platform for the sake of it without thinking enough about the benefits for internal staff and external customers? Developing digital plans that are not aligned with objectives?)

Daniel Goss, VP of Solutions, rhipe Solutions will be joined by 2 CIOs for an interactive panel discussion


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