CIO CMO Transformation



Marketing and IT leaders are being asked to spearhead change to transition their organisations from traditional models into digital-first, customer-centric businesses.

While technology plays a significant role in enabling digital change, no organisation will truly become digital-first without the right transformation programs in place. Managing change, incorporating a complete rethink of business structure, operational practices, strategy and culture, is the essential ingredient to making digital transformation a reality. 

Our September Executive Connections event will look at several key structural and strategic practices core to wholesale digital transformation, and provide attendees with practical advice on:

  • How can you be a digital change agent
  • What operational structures and incentives are proving successful in transforming businesses to digital-first organisations
  • Where digital strategy should sit
  • What role should IT and marketing take in leading and executing in delivering change management


Who will attend?

CMOs, General Managers of Marketing, and Senior Marketing, Heads of Customer Engagement, Heads of DigitalCIOs, IT Directors and Senior IT ExecutivesAudience Feedback - February 2015 



“Very good line-up of speakers, a valuable event to attend.” 

“Every panel member was articulate and provided a wide range of insights.”

“Great discussion on how different companies are navigating the digital space.”

“Totally satisfying seminar in every element, great venue.”


*Attendance is limited to CMOs, General Managers of Marketing, Heads of Customer Engagement, Senior Marketing, Heads of Digital, CIOs, IT Directors and other senior IT and business executives in non-vendor organisations. IDG and ADMA reserve the right to refuse attendance to any person not fitting these job descriptions, or from a vendor organisation.