CMO50 #9 Joel Goodsir

One of the defining things of 2020 is the way it's affected businesses, pushing many rapidly into ecommerce and reinventing their whole marketing pitch along with it. "Some people are really hurting, but here we've had strong, unprecedented growth," Joel Goodsir told CMO.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Aisling Finch

If there’s one thing Aisling Finch has taken from the COVID-19 crisis so far, it’s the need for vulnerability and authenticity in leadership. As the Google A/NZ director of marketing puts it, presenting to the global leadership team wearing a hoodie was definitely a first this year, but an important one.

CMO50 2020: Renee Garner

This year, Renee Garner did something she never expected to be doing as a marketer. "Penning a sassy little love letter to 572 of the amaysim family asking them to hold my hand, and bound into the sunset with a promise to each other that we will do the big things, the hard things, the little things, the courageous things, the ‘what’s right’ things, even if it hurts, to truly show BIG LOVE our customers,” Garner said.

CMO50 2020 #4: Brent Smart

It could be easy for people to dismiss NRMA’s $10 a month fire and theft insurance product, launched at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, as a short-term or offer-led incentive. But for IAG’s Brent Smart, it’s not only been a strong brand and customer vehicle, it’s the first time he as CMO felt able to influence product in a meaningful way.

CMO50 2020 #12: Susan Massasso

“We must, must, must understand the underlying commercial aspects of the business in order to take an integrated approach and be truly innovative over a sustainable period of time,” says A2’s Susan Massasso of the marketing profession.

CMO50 2020 #8: Jonathan Kerr

As the coronavirus crisis began to emerge, Budget Direct did something almost counter-intuitive. The challenger insurance brand decided it would still bring out its 20th anniversary campaign, despite the rising sense of uncertainty and upheaval. "We made the big decision to bring forward the campaign. To effectively swim in our own lane," Jonathan Kerr told CMO.

CMO50 2020 #19: Natalie Ashes

There are two skills GraysOnline marketing and ecommerce chief, Natalie Ashes, is convinced are key to being a successful modern marketer. The first is talking to customers.

CMO50 2020 #22: Chris Taylor

“Never forget that consumers are not rational and never will be - connecting with them on an emotional and rational level is the key to success,” says National Heart Foundation CMO, Chris Taylor. And it’s a commitment to the dualities of rational and emotional, creative and data-driven, commercial and inspiring that Taylor is committed to as he progresses through a transformation of the not-for-profit.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Suzana Ristevski

Data-driven decision making is growing apace across National Australia Bank’s marketing and product teams. But it’s by also gathering and providing context that the financial services provider will truly lift its customer game, says CMO, Suzana Ristevski.

CMO50 2020: Victoria Primrose

This year has shown Victoria Primrose how the geopolitical landscape, businesses and consumer priorities and perceptions have changed with COVID-19, along with the changing risk profile and where future opportunities will lie.

CMO50 2020 #7: Martine Jager

“A brand is, what a brand does,” said Martine Jager. As Westpac’s chief digital and marketing officer, Jager knows you can’t have a great brand positioning or strong brand consideration without trust in that brand. “This also translates into commercial outcomes as customers need to believe that the brand is a safe and secure place for their money – trust lies at the very heart of that,” she said.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Chaminda Ranasinghe

​Marketers spend a lot of time focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. So while keeping one eye on both, over the last two years RMIT’s Chaminda Ranasinghe has put his other eye on the third E, experience.

CMO50 2020 #5: Jeremy Nicholas

There have been several significant learnings for Telstra’s CMO, Jeremy Nicholas, from the past seven months of crisis he sees influencing the way customers view and respond to the telco brand into the future.

CMO50 2020 #18: Nikki Warburton

If you want to make marketing innovative, embed an owner’s mindset, agility, empowerment and accountability, says Audi Australia’s marketing and customer chief, Nikki Warburton.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Nicole McInnes

WW’s marketing and commercial director, Nicole McInnes, thought transferring 30,000 workshops globally from physical to virtual in five days was the most intense initiative she would experience in 2020. “What I didn’t know was this would lead to one of the biggest transformations the A/NZ business had undertaken in years,” she says of the COVID-fuelled task.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Nikki Clarkson

The COVID-19 crisis has been a time of old and new thinking for Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) chief marketing and communications officer, Nikki Clarkson. “While strategic pillars and growth areas for the SCA business remained constant, the way in which we targeted our audiences and the messages and creative we used to connect with them and evoke action during these times changed considerably,” she says.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Darryn Wallace

The story of brand transformation for Lion Dairy & Drinks marketing and innovation director, Darren Wallace, began in late 2016. It was then the managing director of his business unit said to him: “This is the biggest smallest company I have worked for” and criticised the marketing team as “slow and unresponsive to the marketplace”.

CMO50 2020 #25: Brent Hill

It’s been a year of firsts for South Australia Tourism Commission’s Brent Hill as he’s worked to lead his team, organisation and the wider SA tourism sector through bushfires and then a global pandemic. He says one of the most unusual tasks was doing ads to say the opposite of what he’s usually paid to do.

CMO50 2020 #14: Lara Thom

​Want to be a truly innovative marketer? Then don’t copy anyone, ever, Guzman y Gomez CMO, Lara Thom, says.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Jason Olive

When it comes to marketing innovation, Jason Olive is clear about the three key ingredients, but they’re not the usual tools of the trade. “I know we could be talking about data or marketing stacks here, but I really think it comes down to three broad organisational principles - bravery, trust and insightful challenge,” Olive said

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Luke Waldren

There are two skills Tabcorp’s brand, marketing and product leader is determined to build across his teams. The first is speed.

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