CMO50 2017 #21: Rebecca James

ME’s CMO, Rebecca James, says her closest non-marketing colleague in the business is the banking group’s CEO.

CMO50 2017 #15: Jonathan Kerr

Auto & General marketing and digital chief, Jonathan Kerr, says his closest non-marketing colleague across the business is chief technology officer, Paul Malt.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Paul Connell

Unilever’s Paul Connell calls it his “top five” list for modern marketing. And it’s what guides him as the GM and marketing chief of homecare in A/NZ.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Richard Burns

In September 2016, Aussie launched a new strategic campaign aimed at differentiating the brand in a competitive market. Leveraging existing brand equity while building more, the approach was designed to continue Aussie's mission of helping Australians save through sharing the generosity of collective wisdom and saw the ‘We’ll save you’ tagline brought back to life.

Revealing the 2016 CMO 50

Australian marketers share their views on the role and innovation at this year's exclusive CMO50 event


Announcing the 2016 CMO50 list

Marketing leaders from as a wide a field as pizza production and retail to superannuation, tertiary education and cloud-based software have taken top 10 honours in the second annual CMO50 list.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Ben Allen, Stockland

​Stockland general manager, group marketing, Ben Allen, has been busy completely transforming the brand and marketing strategy, and introducing design thinking and more co-creation research practices into the development of new initiatives or product development.

CMO50 #5: Vittoria Shortt

The Commonwealth Bank has built itself a reputation as Australia’s most innovative banking group, launching a host of pioneering digital offerings and technology advancements that have earned it the title of Australia’s first real-time financial institution. But when it comes to marketing, Vittoria Shortt is looking to reorient perceptions of innovation away from initiatives and to cultural shift.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Richard Burns, Aussie Home Loans

From launching a new customer nurture program to leading the agency selection process (which took an innovative approach and focused on the cultural fit of the teams), Aussie Home Loans general manager of customer experience and technology, Richard Burns, has a lot to smile about.

CMO50 2016 #24: Barni Evans

Sportsbet’s Barni Evans claims there is no single metric that can demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing. But there is a single attribute: Honesty.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Ric Navarro, Norman Disney & Young

There’s been a steady, significant change in the way marketing is perceived at engineering firm, Norman Disney & Young. And over the past 12 months, its global marketing and communications director, Ric Navarro, said the firm’s brand, reputation, customer engagement and financial performance have all benefitted from his team’s strategic efforts.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Jamie McDonald, Federation University Australia

Federation University Australia (FedUni) boasts of a strong heritage as a regional university, providing education and training for more than 145 years. Despite this, the brand is relatively young as a result of merging the University of Ballarat with Monash University Gippsland campus and creating Federation University Australia in 2014.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Kylie Smith, Perpetual

During the 2016 financial year, Perpetual’s marketing team delivered a business-changing infrastructure project: A responsive website on a new content management system hosted in the cloud.

CMO50 2016 #1: Allan Collins, Domino's Pizza

There are plenty of shiny new digital and technology breakthroughs on offer to brands today looking for an edge, and Domino’s is using lots of them. In just the last 12 months, the company has launched dozens of new technology fuelled offerings, stretching from a geo-location based customer tracking service, called On Time Cooking, to zero-click and SMS ordering and the world’s first commercial autonomous delivery vehicle, named DRU.

CMO50 2016 #8: Carolyn Bendall

When most people talk about innovation, they tend to focus on technology or digital improvement. But for Carolyn Bendall, the biggest innovation that’s occurred since she took over ANZ’s local marketing function four years ago has been the shift to customer centricity.

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