CMO50 2017 #11: Umberto Mecchi

If there’s one thing modern marketers should do more of, it’s listen to customers and become customer obsessed, Hostplus’ marketing chief, Umberto Mecchi, says.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Andrea Martens

One thing modern marketers should do more of is go back to the fundamentals of good marketing, Jurlique’s chief brand officer, Andrea Martens, says.


CMO50 2017 #8: Mohit Bhargava

Without a relationship with IT, marketing today is crippled, Village Cinema’s Mohit Bhargava believes. So it’s not surprising this ability to foster alignment with his technology peers, along with operations, finance and HR, stands out as a major achievement during his three years as executive-level leader of sales and marketing at the cinema group.

CMO50 2017 #9: Craig Davis

Sendle is growing up. The Australian-born logistics startup is shedding its newbie-esque, infantile trappings and speedily transforming into a mature operation, courageously taking on big incumbents like Australia Post at the same time.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Jee Moon

OPSM VP of marketing, Jee Moon, is a firm believer in marketers taking a more humanistic approach to customers and the marketing discipline.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Roni Millard

Roni Millard’s efforts to position marketing as an integral sales partner and innovative developer of products and services at software company, Infotrack, have elevated marketing’s standing and seen the function deliver significant impact on bottom line, strategy and team morale and effectiveness.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Yves Calmette

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef faces myriad threats, and big one of which is overfishing, WWF’s CMO, Yves Calmette says. Five shark fishing licenses, each with a 1.2km net, trawl the reef every day. These nets kill thousands of juvenile sharks each year, including the endangered hammerhead, and dugongs, turtles and dolphins as bycatch.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Michael Laxton

Marketing should never be optional, Fairfax’s CMO, Michael Laxton, says. To avoid this situation from occurring, he stresses how critical it is to understand how marketing contributes to the bottom line.

CMO50 2017 #18: Ric Navarro

​In the world of professional services, client centricity tops the agenda, according to Norman Disney and Young’s group head of marketing, Ric Navarro. But it’s in constant need of reinvention.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Phil Wade

In FY17, Jetstar’s marketing team united behind a vision to become a ‘case study’ team, combining creative thinking and innovation to drive commercial outcomes and brand advocacy, CMO, Phil Wade says. It’s been a big transformation, and one that’s already starting to pay dividends.


CMO50 2017 #25: Andrew Howie

With all the recent controversy around Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) ‘you never lamb alone’ campaign, it’s not surprising to hear its marketing director sees the group’s legal counsel as his greatest cross-functional ally.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Lisa Winn

A recent move to ‘graffiti’ the iconic King Cross billboard and make a political ‘yes’ campaign heard as part of a mission to support marriage equality is just one of many innovative and creative decisions made by Coca Cola’s South Pacific marketing director.

CMO50 2017 #22: Damian Young

One thing modern marketers should do more of is connect their digital strategy to analogue touchpoints, Chobani GM of marketing, Damian Young, says.

CMO50 2017 #14: Carolyn Bendall

Over the past year, ANZ’s marketing team has rapidly transformed its use of data to power and deliver digital and one-to-one personal interactions, its head of marketing for A/NZ, Carolyn Bendall, says. The improvements come off the back of establishing a performance marketing focused digital approach.


CMO50 2017 #13: Lisa Ronson

If there’s one thing Tourism Australia’s Lisa Ronson sure of, it’s that an engaged workforce is a high-performing one. And that generates tangible business outcomes.


CMO50 2017 #10: Tyron Hayes

Universities are smack bang in the middle of a perfect storm, working to prepare students for jobs, careers and industries of the future while undergoing massive industry disruption at the same time, according to Curtin University CMO, Tyron Hayes.


CMO50 2017 #7: Cambell Holt

Digital disruption first got Cambell Holt not long into his budding career as a commercial photographer.

CMO50 2017 One to watch: Jayne Andrews

In addition to her day-to-day marketing duties, Carnival Cruise Line Australia’s Jayne Andrews has been leading several recent business change initiatives in digital.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Simon Marton

Data-driven insight can open up customer engagement in the most interesting ways. Just ask Treasury Wine Estates global CMO, Simon Marton, who recently took a data-driven approach to vintage red wine assessments.

CMO50 2017 #26-50: Sonia Bijelic

A national sport with passion and drive behind its marketing team, Cricket Australia has come leaps and bounds in offering excellent customer experience and boosting fan engagement.

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