CMO’s top 20 stories for 2020

Pivoting marketing and customer efforts to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic clearly took centre stage this year, as this year’s CMO list of most read stories in 2020 shows.

Digital Marketing

5 ways CMO50 marketers are doing data-led marketing

Here from CMO 50 marketers Movember Australia marketing director, Jason Olive, along with Tennis Australia chief marketing and insights officer, Josie Brown, Brownes Dairy director of sales and marketing, Natalie Sarich-Dayton, Nestlé Oceania
 director of eBusiness, strategy and marketing, Martin Brown and Amaysim CMO, Renee Garner about how their executing data-led marketing.


We ask the CMO50: What does it take to make marketing innovative?

Innovation is one of those terms that gets bandied about. But it was clear during the COVID-19 crisis that ‘innovation’ was what marketing leaders and their teams needed to embrace in order to pivot and adapt to the rapidly changing consumer and market conditions.


7 ways the CMO50 are ensuring they remain future-fit

There’s no doubt marketing leadership has undergone massive transformation over the last 5-10 years with the rise of marketing technology, data and digitally driven marketing tools and insights, a push to personalise and be more customer experience-led, and more. So what does it take to ensure you remain a future-fit CMO?

The CMO50 2020 vox pop

In honour of this year's unique CMO50 2020 virtual event and the unprecedented challenges marketing leaders have had to navigate, we wanted to ask our CMO50 alumni what they'd learnt about being a CMO, as well as about their customers, from this time of crisis.


CMO50 2020 list is revealed!

The ABC’s director of audiences, Leisa Bacon, has taken the number spot in this year’s CMO50 list among a list of familiar and new faces in the top 10 this year.


CMO50 2020 and the very essence of marketing

The battle lines between creative, brand-led marketing and CX, data-driven marketing have been drawn for some time and were in the spotlight during this year’s CMO50 judging.

CMO50 2020 #1: Leisa Bacon

One of the paradoxes of the COVID-19 crisis is the positives it’s created out of negatives. It’s something ABC’s director of audiences and this year’s CMO50 number one, Leisa Bacon is very conscious of.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Susan Coghill

Pausing a high profile, multi-million-dollar campaign in-market soon after launch, and just as it was getting great traction, was both a heartbreaking but very necessary decision, for Susan Coghill and Tourism Australia. And it was just the first of many pivots in 2020. “Within a matter of weeks, we had created an entirely new domestic unit within our business and launched an entirely new campaign to galvanise the nation to support the tourism industry in its recovery from the impacts of devastating summer bushfires,” Coghill told CMO. “Exhausting and motivating at the same time.”

CMO50 2020 #24: Allan Collins

This year, there were two key changes in Domino’s marketing it has never needed to do before - demonstrate the safety of its food preparation and delivery, including developing new operational methods like Zero Contact Delivery, and demonstrating why Domino’s should be trusted to continue operations when communities are in lockdown.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Pip Arthur

While the software industry’s products may be virtual, physical activities still play an important role in forging connections with customers. So when the COVID-19 crisis hit Australia, Microsoft Australia’s CMO and communications director Pip Arthur and her team found themselves quickly readjusting to the new reality.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Simon Cheng

Simon Cheng is the first to admit the period leading up to him joining the Menulog food delivery business was challenging. Consecutive quarters of negative year-on-year decline had seen morale and confidence in the business fall to record lows.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Josie Brown

“I painted a brand mark on centre court of a Grand Slam mid-way through the tournament,” said Josie Brown. It was a dramatic, and symbolic, mark. “I barely dared to ask if we could paint “Australia is Open” on Rod Laver Arena, but with enormous support from the chief operating officer and tournament director, Craig Tiley. The impact was game-changing, not only for the reach of the message to the world, but also the cultural impact of how our purpose and values shaped our actions,” Brown said.

CMO50 2020 #3: Melissa Hopkins

In the telco world, you can't spend a dollar without a clear sales return. So taking a step back and seeing what Melissa Hopkins has achieved at Optus over the past three years, the telco CMO realised the major shifts and impacts marketing has had not only on the organisation, but on the brand in the wider marketplace - and the bottom line.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Fabian Marrone

“Finding the nuggets of gold in customer experience data” is vital to achieving innovative marketing that fills a customer need, says Monash University CMO, Fabian Marrone. Equally, systems and processes that allow scalability and consistency in message, motivation and action are a must. But don’t forget that third all-important ingredient. “Creativity will get you through anything”, Marrone says.

CMO50 2020 #15: Melina Cruickshank

Since joining REA Group 18 months ago, Melina Cruickshank has deliberately placed emphasis on being as transparent as possible with her team and making sure they know what’s important to her as a leader.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Caroline Bonpain

Want a recipe for marketing innovation? Well how about a pinch of creativity, two spoonfuls of trend-watching, a one-quarter cup of design thinking and a big bowl of customer insights?

CMO50 2020 #21: Monique Macleod

In 2019, the Banking Royal Commission left Australians with distinct a lack of trust in the industry and CommBank. As CMO, Monique Macleod, puts it, the bank’s reputation was weak at a nine-year low. “We were a brand in reputational crisis,” she says.

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