CMO50 2021 #26-50: Fiona Le Brocq

In the past 18 months, Fiona Le Brocq has learned to manage the blending of work and home life. “I’ve presented differently as a leader, not just acknowledging the spontaneity of a less controlled environment but embracing it. I’ve openly shared personal moments of joy, fear, celebration and exhaustion,” she comments.

CMO50 2021 #18: Amber Collins

There aren’t too many organisations that can claim every single person in Australia as a customer. But that’s exactly why Australia Post CMO, Amber Collins, is so set on putting customer thinking front and centre in every strategic choice and decision she and the group make.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Nicole McInnes

For WW’s Nicole McInnes, marketing is not a set of specialist teams that vie off digital versus broadcast or brand versus performance.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Tara Heath

In the past year, Tara Heath and her team have faced massive change in health tech market conditions, requiring a significant shift in strategy across the Healthengine business. The pace and the need to align the team towards a new direction was critical to success.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Rosemary Martin

A lot of production this past year was done remotely or under severe Covid restrictions, meaning limited people on set or fully remote oversight. Rosemary Martin admits this was a little nerve wracking for her team at flybuys at times, but the results have spoken for themselves.

CMO50 2021 #10: Dan Ferguson

The trend for brands to become the publishers of the future is already a reality at Adore Beauty. Each week, Adore publishes between seven and ten articles online, a few 10-to-20 minute videos on Youtube and hundreds of social media posts as well as multiple high-rating podcasts.

CMO50 2021 #22: Paul Connell

If there’s one hefty learning Paul Connell has picked up about marketing effectiveness since joining Naked Wines, it’s to reject binary arguments of performance versus brand, functional versus emotional.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Kate Whitney

It’s safe to say before last year, Kate Whitney had never had to manually pack meal kits. “When our Melbourne facility shut down for a few weeks and we moved all of our production to Sydney, teams were asked to close their computers and help pack boxes for customers in our facility,” the Marley Spoon chief marketing and growth officer says.

CMO50 2021 #19: Carolyn Bendall

It’s been a momentous 18 months for Carolyn Bendall, starting in a new CMO role in a completely new sector, while locked down and working completely remote for almost the entire time.

CMO50 2021 #5: Jeremy Nicholas

Every inch of Jeremy Nicholas’ CMO50 submission this year showcases the cross-functional collaboration, influence and trust he’s built as Telstra’s chief marketing officer. From brand repositioning to work progressing the telco’s sustainability agenda, personalisation across the customer journey and the decision to make payphones across Australia free to use, connection across the organisation is the fuel firing marketing successes.

CMO50 2021 #13: Natalie Ashes

Online auction house Grays sells wide-ranging goods, from wine to electrical, home, cars, caravans and boats, industrial equipment and real estate.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Emily Dowling

Setting up Mars Pet Nutrition Australia’s own ‘Advance’ pet food direct-to-consumer (DTC) store has certainly been a first for marketing director, Emily Dowling. The decision to place DTC within marketing rather than sales is also a first for the FMCG business.

CMO50 2021 #17: Ben Hill

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 significantly impacted local EXTRA® sales because consumers associated gum with freshening breath outside the home.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Nicole Papoutsis

​This year, Nicole Papoutsis decided to take a big creative risk and not back down. “Tenure can often work against you to do things differently and in a conservative category there is so much more to lose when you get it wrong, but I got the buy-in, backed myself and my team 100 per cent and it’s definitely paying off,” she comments.

CMO50 2021 One to watch: Andrew May

Andrew May’s favourite moments over the past year are embedded in how his team has developed, rather than a specific campaign or project milestone.

CMO50 2021 #2: Mim Haysom

Suncorp Group’s Mim Haysom has a mantra for her team: What gets measured, gets done. And it’s this approach that’s helped ensure effectiveness from marketing’s efforts over the past year.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Louise Cummins

If the last two years have taught H&R Block’s Louise Cummins anything about marketing effectiveness, it’s the need to keep coming back to basics.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Daniel McDermott

In mid-2020, Mimecast marketing director, Dan McDermott, kick-started an ‘account-based everything’ (ABE) program - pointedly not an ABM – to fulfil a key ambition of moving upmarket from small-to-medium business clients to winning more enterprise accounts.

CMO50 2021 #3: Alexander Meyer

Effectiveness can be a challenge when you’re working in an ecommerce, trade-focused retail business like The Iconic, admits CMO, Alexander Meyer. With than a thousand brands across a variety of channels, daily campaigns, quick pivots and even quicker decision making are a stark reality.

CMO50 2021 #26-50: Yves Calmette

WWF’s Regenerate Australia program is the largest nature regeneration initiative in Australia’s history. The five-year plan aims to raise $300 million to restore nature from the unprecedented 2020 Australian bushfires and future-proof the country against further climate disasters.

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