CMO50 2020 #23: Ryan Gracie

Doing a pitch in lockdown was certainly a first for Catch Group CMO, Ryan Gracie. With five agencies starting the process in March, Catch eventually selected AJF GrowthOps as the winning agency to deliver a significant body of work, all produced remotely.

CMO50 2020 #10: Andrew Hicks

As a CMO, joining the group executive team of the Woolworths Group in 2019 was not only a positive step personally, but an important one cementing the marketing function’s contribution at the most senior level, Andrew Hicks says.

CMO50 2020 #2: Alexander Meyer

At first glance, most of us would think a pure-play brand like The Iconic was better positioned than many retailers lagging behind in digital when confronted with the COVID-19 crisis. Yet marketing chief, Alexander Meyer, is the first to admit the lockdowns put a lot of strain onto the business, its employees and customers.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Stuart Tucker

Leading a breadth of initiatives beyond traditional definitions of marketing, from CX programs to customer self-service initiatives and product redesign, has given Stuart Tucker plenty of opportunity to inform growth at online tradies marketplace, Hipages.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Tony Quarmby

​This year has proven to Tony Quarmby his marketing team is even more resilient than he hoped. "Working in an industry that’s on its knees due to COVID-19 and coming in to work every day single-mindedly focused on supporting local businesses, who employ one in eight Territorians, has been a challenge but with new campaign approaches, incentive sales schemes and business support programs they have reacted stoically," he told CMO. "Even when their roles have changed and uncertainty has permeated the office they have remained focused on delivering the necessary outcomes."

CMO50 2020 #11: Mim Haysom

In today’s world, it is paramount marketers respond quickly to a changing context, be it a weather event such as a bushfire or flood or pandemic, says Suncorp’s Mim Haysom. “Gauging consumer sentiment and needs and responding in a relevant and timely manner is critical to our customers’ experience and ultimately our success,” she says.

CMO50 2020 #13: Michael Branagh

If there’s one lesson to be learnt from 2020, it’s that Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ)’s marketing team has the ability to manage and deal with ambiguity, says its CMO, Michael Branagh.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Vivianne Arnold

During Vivianne’s first 30 days at Hudson, her goal was to quickly make an impact with an innovative and quick-to-market campaign, designed to really drive revenue. Setting out to find out what the pain points and opportunities were for the business, she quickly discovered that a line of business, Talent Management (TM) and Graduate Assessment, needed a way to generate new leads.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Daniel McDermott

Sometimes doing the right thing for your customers means stepping outside of the conventional practices of the organisation you represent. Daniel McDermott is one marketer who has taken on this challenge in the past year. As the marketing director for A/NZ at IT security company, Mimecast, he leads a team of 15 dedicated to building the Mimecast brand and driving sales opportunities.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Yves Calmette

In the last 12 months Yves Calmette did something she’s never done before, shifting the entire business to a single mission and focus overnight when the bushfire crisis peaked in the first days of 2020. “We stopped everything to allocate all our resources, energy and passion to save, rescue and protect wildlife. All marketing activities pivoted in 48 hours,” Calmette said.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Anthony Lieu

The legal sector is not commonly renowned for being a hotbed of innovation, let alone for progressive marketing thinking. But when LegalVision was founded in 2012 it was done so with the objective of turning that perception on its head and disrupting an otherwise staid industry.

CMO50 2020 #16: Matt Fletcher

Since taking up the marketing chief’s reins at Fitness First Australia 18 months ago, Matt Fletcher has worked hard to break down business silos.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Natalie Sarich-Dayton

One of the hardest decisions the Brownes Dairy marketing team had to make during the first COVID lockdown in March was responding to consumer panic buying. “When we found out our customer service team were fielding calls that lids were ‘popping off’ in freezers, we knew we had to play our part in ensuring that the most basic, necessary product of fresh milk was available,” Sarich-Dayton explained

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Emily Dowling

Marketers often talk about building a deep connection with their customers. But for marketers in the pet care sector, they also need to take into account the deep connections that already exist between owners and their pets. At Mars, this relationship resides at the core of all decisions made by marketing director Emma Dowling and her team, and is reflected in the way her customers are referred to as ‘pet parents’.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Martin Brown

For Martin Brown, the effect of COVID-19 has been to accelerate many existing trends, creating a fluid context that marketers needed to adapt to. "Our marketing team learned to lift speed, test and learn and trial new techniques previously discounted. It’s been a period of great learning,” said Brown.

CMO50 2020 #6: Sweta Mehra

The challenge marketers in many organisations continue to face is stakeholders who have very low expectations of them, says ANZ’s Sweta Mehra. The answer, she says, is to embrace the technology and tools that allow modern marketers to truly drive growth.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Anny Havercroft

If Anny Havercroft could sum up the lessons of 2020 it would be to expect the unexpected, be more agile and, even with the best plans, be flexible in approach. “This requires a change of mindset as a leader in how we work - connecting with disparate teams and being empathetic to changing needs of customers by building marketing programs that are inclusive,” she said. “What doesn't change through any of this is the fundamental principles of marketing.”

CMO50 2020: Julia Edwards-Smith

COVID-19 has allowed Julia Edwards-Smith to lead a team to innovate and roll out new products in an ongoing crisis. "Through customer research and data analysis, we identified a new product offering to disrupt ourselves, but also allow Victorian healthcare workers to feel safer driving to work," explained Edwards-Smith. To do this, a short‐term lease has been developed for essential workers to increase flexibility and reduce the need to take public transport to and from frontline facilities. The MVP has just been rolled out to a number of hospitals across Victoria.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Kellie Cordner

Examination of the composition of many marketing teams will often show a skew towards a younger working population. It’s not until you get into the senior roles you start seeing people in the 40s and 50s, and those roles by design are somewhat scare. This can of course cause problems when your target audience resides in a demographic more akin to the parents of your team members.

CMO50 2020 #26-50: Mike Scott

Loyalty and customer evangelism is driven through a deep understanding and focus upon every step of their journey, regardless of channel or level of relationship. Which is why Sweat’s marketing chief, Mike Scott, was so determined to foster customer journey building as a skill across his team at the Australian-born online health and wellbeing app.

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