CMO50 2016 #7: Trisca Scott-Branagan

Australia’s education sector has been given a mighty shake-up thanks to the hefty combination of digital disruption and deregulation. So it’s not surprising Deakin University’s marketing chief, Trisca Scott-Branagan, sees the ability to harness ambiguity as a vital attribute for the modern CMO.

CMO50 2016: Ones to watch: Jee Moon

Upon arriving in the business, Luxottica’s Jee Moon’s focus has been turning around the OPSM brand in A/NZ and regaining its position as number one in the optical category.

CMO50 2016 #22: Nicole Brasz

It’s been a huge couple of years for Save the Children’s director of marketing and fundraising, Nicole Brasz.

CMO50 2016 #16: Jonathan Kerr

The modern marketing department can be an interesting mix of technical experts, generalists and facilitators, Auto & General’s director of marketing and digital, Jonathan Kerr, suggests.

CMO50 2016 #2: Anna Reid

With 11 years travelling the world for BP, five years at Pacific Brands and three years so far as CMO at the Sydney Opera House, Anna Reid is the first to admit she likes to make a meaningful difference to whatever brand she becomes custodian of.

CMO50 2016 #10: Renee McGowan

It’s two years since the launch of Mercer’s Customer Transformation Strategy, a holistic, customer-led vision to re-invent the way superannuation is done, and McGowan describes the changes to date as “enormous”.

CMO50 2016 #15: Leisa Bacon

The ABC’s Leisa Bacon lists her proudest moment in the last 12 months as presenting the strategy for ‘Branding for a Digital Future’ to the board.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Georgina Williams, AustralianSuper

AustralianSuper’s group leader for engagement, advocacy and brand, Georgina Williams, says three foundations are now ensuring data propels customer engagement strategies and drives all marketing and communications activity.

CMO50 2016 #6: Craig Davis, Sendle

​Dubbo country boy turned city sophisticate, Craig Davis, packed in his jet-setting, high flying global advertising career of 25 years - living the high life in Hong Kong and London and working with many of the world’s biggest brands - to venture back to Australia.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Melina Cruickshank

Since she took on the combined role of chief editorial and marketing officer at Domain in 2014, the core of Melina Cruickshank’s strategy has been informed by four major areas: Data-driven decision making, editorial content, audience-oriented marketing and mobile-first thinking.

CMO50 2016 #19: Vanessa Lyons

AUB Group Group’s Vanessa Lyons is the first to agree the insurance broking industry has been subscribing to a highly antiquated marketing approach.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Mohit Bhargava, Village Cinemas Australia

​Village Roadshow is at the forefront of fighting piracy in Australia, according to Village Cinemas, general manager of sales and marketing, Mohit Bhargava, who says despite being one of the wealthiest and most law abiding nations in the world, Australians are some of the worst offenders of piracy.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Andrea Turley, Australian Catholic University

Winning the hearts and minds of customers needs to be at the core of business strategy. And it is the role of the CMO to represent the voice of the customer and drive customer-first thinking, according to Australian Catholic University’s former marketing leader, Andrea Turley.

CMO50 2016 #3: Steve Brennen, eBay A/NZ

​He is a man on a mission: He wants to challenge and transform perceptions of eBay from a second-hand auction house to ideal destination for brand new products - and continue to secure the Silicon Valley stalwart as an innovative leader.

CMO50 2016 #26-50: Paul Stern, Kathmandu

“When I commenced my studies 27 years ago, marketing was about ‘satisfying the needs and wants of customers’,” Kathmandu’s GM of marketing and international, Paul Stern, comments. “You can’t do that unless you know who you are targeting.”

CMO50 2016 #9: Jon Amery, Vocus

Vocus has experienced unprecedented growth over the past two years, rising from a $500 million market cap business to $5 billion thanks to its acquisitions of Amcom and M2.

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