Cmo50 2022

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Paul Chatfield

It’s been a big year for the Cadbury’s brand and the marketing team behind it. This year, the iconic chocolate brand celebrated its 100th year of manufacturing in Hobart, Tasmania.

CMO50 2022 #7: Andrew Hicks

Consistency and evolution sound like two different approaches to marketing and brand leadership. But one look at Andrew Hicks’ playbook as CMO at Woolworths Group, and the connection between two becomes a winning formula.

CMO50 2022 #18: Manelle Merhi

One brave call Manelle Merhi, general manager of marketing and customer experience at Kennards Hire, made was to pursue the ‘Ken Oath’ creative.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Emma Terry

​When people are planning a holiday, they may not necessarily think of Tasmania - or rather they didn’t used to think of Tasmania.

CMO50 2022 #15: Jo Feeney

​Jo Feeney was at a career crossroads before joining Michael Hill Jeweller. Ultimately she chose change - at a time when most were avoiding change.

CMO50 2022 #10: Jenni Dill

Jenni Dill joined Arnott’s two years ago, shortly after the FMCG was purchased by private equity giant, KKR. She came in with a burning ambition to deliver business impact well beyond traditional marketing. So that’s exactly what she’s done.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Bethaney George

True Foods product line, Simson’s Pantry, had been deleted in Coles when Bethaney George first started at the FMCG as general manager of sales, marketing, category and innovation.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Sarah Myers

When REA Group acquired Mortgage Choice in July 2021, Sarah Myers was tasked with developing a new brand strategy for the 30-year-old business. It’s proven a compelling opportunity and golden marketing moment for this recently promoted marketing chief.

CMO50 2022 #5: Charlotte Valente

Charlotte Valente is a woman who knows her own mind and where she’s going. “I never look back. Every road I have taken has led me to where I am today, and I am extremely grateful for that. I have no regrets,” she says.

CMO50 2022 #13: Kate Whitney

Practically speaking, a price increase is never a fun call to make, Kate Whitney admits. However, it was a brave call she’s had to make at Marley Spoon over the past year. And it paid back.

CMO50 2022 #25: Seb Brandt

As a global and local brand marketer, Ingham’s offered Seb Brandt the opportunity to learn a new category (poultry) and new sector (agriculture). It’s a long way from positions previously held with Red Bull and PepsiCo.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Chaminda Ranasinghe

For the past five years, Chaminda Ranasinghe has been leading the push towards contemporary ways of working and agile marketing at RMIT. It has been challenging at times, and never more so when Covid-19 and subsequent financial difficulties struck.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Steffen Daleng

Operational courage in Steffen Daleng’s book means taking chances, trying new things and embracing discomfort to a degree. Cultural bravery, meanwhile, is about doing the right thing and standing up for and protecting people around us, “especially if it's an unpopular opinion but the right thing to do”. “I encourage both by doing them publicly,” the Booktopia CMO says.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Sofia Lloyd-Jones

At the height of the pandemic and when Australia’s international borders were firmly shut, University of NSW marketing chief, Sofia Lloyd-Jones, assumed ownership of international student recruitment. The responsibility meant devising the post-Covid rebuild strategy while there were still many unknowns.

CMO50 2022 #4: Mel Hopkins

Mel Hopkins hasn’t had a golden marketing moment as Optus marketing chief this past year. And she’s rather happy about it.

CMO50 2022 #8: Dan Ferguson

For Dan Ferguson, bravery in business is often linked with change – championing it, leading it or being open to change personally.

CMO50 2022 #2: Geoff Ikin

The initiatives Myer has put in place to better unlock the power of its loyalty business has proven a defining play for the retailer, its chief customer officer, Geoff Ikin, says.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Paul Gloster

Non-alcoholic spirits might well be a tall ask for a nation known for its love of a drink, however, Paul Gloster, CMO of Lyre’s is helping the company make fantastic inroads.

CMO50 2022 #26-50: Joanna Robinson

A campaign called 'Satisfy your Strange’ is one which could have backfired on the CMO of Chatime, Joanna Robinson. But instead, it ended up being a boon for the brand.


Modern marketing and why it’s a matter of trust: CMO50 2022 series - Episode 3

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