In pictures: ADMA's Sydney Data Day

Data's role as the new natural resource for marketers was the theme of the day at this year's Association for Data-driven Advertising and Marketing (ADMA) Data Day at Sydney's Hilton Hotel

  • ADMA CEO, Jodie Sangster, opens the Sydney leg of Data Day

  • Opening address at ADMA Data Day at Sydney's Hilton Hotel

  • SAS managing director, David Bowie

  • SAS head of analytics, Evan Stubbs, opens with a keynote on the impact of data on organisations

  • Lloyds Banking Group director of customer insights and interaction, Sergio Vieira, talks through the UK bank's customer transformation and why customer intelligence, and not product insight, is the future

  • Privacy talks: Australian privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim in conversation with ADMA's Jodie Sangster

  • Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim

  • LoyaltyNZ CEO Stephen England-Hall: "Data is the newest natural resource we have available to us"

  • LoyaltyNZ's Stephen England-Hall

  • Tennis Australia CIO, Samir Mahir, on how data is a game changer for the group

  • Tennis Australia's Samir Mahir

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