Becomes first global company capable of delivering blended Tier-III and Tier-IV modular capacity

Australian company, Data Exchange Network Limited (ASX: DXN) has become the first modular data centre developer in the world to receive both TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV design review awards to allow modular capacity to be deployed with the required levels of resiliency and combined within the same site.

Uptime Institute’s TIER-Ready IV design review award enables DXN to deliver its pre-fabricated modular facilities to global customers with the assurance that the modules have already been pre-approved by Uptime Institute to verify conformity to the design elements of the Tier Standard. In addition, it establishes DXN as the only developer (modular or traditional) currently capable of offering a blended Tier-III and Tier-IV modular environment within a single data centre facility.

Uptime Institute’s Chief Technology Officer Christopher Brown, commented: “Data Exchange Network has recognised the need for a range of modular data centre solutions that support the various levels of Tier Standard specified resiliency. DXN is the first modular data centre provider to offer a range of individual solutions that work together yet are individually aligned with the Tier Standard: Topology Tier III and Tier IV requirements.”

DXN can offer a blend of Tier-III and Tier-IV modular environments at its Sydney and Melbourne co-location data centres which are scheduled to open in early 2019. Unlike competitors who deliver a one-size fits-all facility, DXN can tailor its colocation space to suit unique customer applications and requirements. By offering a choice of both Tier III-and Tier-IV in a single facility, DXN customers can tailor their cloud configuration and optimise costs accordingly.

The company is also planning to construct blended Tier-III and Tier-IV data centres for other organisations in Australia and Asia who are seeking rapid deployment of pre-certified space of all sizes.

Peter Christie, CEO at Data Exchange said: “These design review awards by Uptime Institute mark the end of the engineering phase for the two new data centres in Melbourne and Sydney. DXN is now able to deliver blended Tier-III and Tier-IV capacity at both data centres in order to meet unique customer requirements and set price points that reflect the resilience they require.” He continued, “For our mission critical infrastructure customers buying pre-fabricated Edge data centres from us, we can deliver TIER-Ready solutions out of the box in 1MW blocks that can quickly and easily become fully Tier Certified by Uptime Institute once deployed.”

The company received its TIER-Ready III design review award in September 2018.

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About Data Exchange Data Exchange (DXN) designs, builds, owns and operates data centres. Offering integrated, customised and tailored solutions to clients, DXN provides businesses with the option of delivering solutions to site through containerised modules, or space in DXN’s modular colocation facilities to suit technical specifications and operational requirements. From a single rack in the colocation facilities through to fully customised Edge Infrastructure, DXN can deliver a range of solutions to meet modern data centre requirements.

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About Uptime Institute Uptime Institute is the author of the data centre industry’s de facto performance standard, the Tier Standard, and has been the industry benchmark for quality design, build and operation of data centres for over 20 years. The organisation’s Tier Standard: Topology and the associated certifications are the gold-standard in creating highly resilient and reliable infrastructure.

Facilities which carry the Tier Certification logo represent an assurance that they have been designed to meet demanding performance metrics, with well-understood risk characteristics. In 2017, Uptime Institute introduced its TIER-Ready design review program for edge and modular data centre manufacturers enabling prefabricated data centre solutions to be designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the Tier Standard once deployed and subsequently certified by Uptime Institute as desired. Consumers of TIER-Ready solutions can work with Uptime Institute directly to quickly and easily certify their TIER-Ready deployments once installed on-site to receive the appropriate full Tier Certification Facility award.