Software development and cloud services firm Agile Digital has recently announced a new blockchain partnership with Australian owned and operated cloud provider Vault Systems. The partnership allows customers of Agile Digital to directly access secure blockchain-backed solutions on Vault Systems’ Protected ASD certified cloud in Australia.

Blockchain is a decentralised and distributed digital ledger technology that supports the development of next-generation solutions to asset tracking, digital identification, document notarisation, transaction auditing, smart contracts, digital currencies and far more. Whilst blockchains are by nature incorruptible and distributed, the bulk data secured against them, and the business applications built upon them, demand high levels of information security.

Agile Digital’s services span the design, development, and support of large-scale software systems. Over the past 10 years Agile Digital has been working to deliver the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud-based solutions on behalf of Australian Federal Government agencies and private sector clients across Australia. Agile Digital, with the use of Vault Systems cloud, securely offers organisations access to the benefits of blockchain-backed business solutions.

In addition to the rollout of blockchain-backed services, the strategic partnership with Vault Systems gives Agile Digital’s cloud experts the ability to deploy “Government secure” Software-as-a-Service application solutions. This capability supports customer confidence to reimagine more of their compute and storage loads for the cloud.

“Agile Digital prides itself on developing and supporting high quality cloud-based solutions across the Australian public and private sectors,” said, Brian Evans, Client Executive, Agile Digital. “By partnering with Vault Systems, Agile Digital can now securely integrate blockchain technology into the next generation of business applications, all the while ensuring our client’s data is safely and securely stored in Australia on Vault Systems ASD Certified Protected cloud.”

Vault Systems, is one of only four cloud providers that are certified by the ASD at a PROTECTED level. Vault Systems security ensures that Agile Digital’s customer’s data will not only be secure, but will be stored onshore in Australia. Vault Systems have designed, built and deployed an OpenStack Certified Government Cloud that delivers a flexible, secure and scalable platform, without the costs and risks associated with traditional infrastructure.

“By deploying to Vault Systems' secure cloud service, Agile Digital and its customers can be assured that all sensitive data managed by Agile Digital will be contained on an ASD Certified cloud that will be private, secure and most importantly does not leave Australian shores,” said Vault Systems Founder and CEO, Rupert Taylor-Price.

“Vault Systems is built from the ground up with security embedded to meet government security standards. Our core technology is built around OpenStack which has seen billions of dollars invested into the research and design of this platform.”

About Vault Systems

Vault Systems delivers ASD certified Government Cloud to Australian federal, state and local government agencies and their partners. Unlike proprietary cloud platforms, where application of Australian Government security standards were managed as an afterthought, Vault's Government cloud platform was purpose built with the sole intention of managing sensitive Australian data at the highest levels of security. Vault's cloud platform natively embeds security controls to meet the requirements of Government, while providing extensive scalability, flexibility and remaining cost effective.

Vault Systems is a trusted cloud provider within government and is working closely with major government departments, including the Digital Transformation Agency, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Employment, the Department of Health, the Department of Social Services and Department of Defence. Vault’s services are delivered through partners including Agile Digital, Fujitsu, Leidos, RXP, Accenture, ASG amongst others.

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About Agile Digital

Agile Digital was founded by uber-geeks committed to demonstrating leadership in complex and large-scale software development. This expert software development house has a track record spanning over 10 years for the successful design, delivery & operation of high-stakes software systems. A specialised focus on developer talent, disciplined agile processes and the latest in proven technical approaches has seen Agile Digital deliver successes where most software development efforts continue to struggle.

Agile Digital is based in Canberra, bookended by two world-class universities, and engaged with the vibrant technology and innovation communities of the capital region. This premier software house has delivered for clients from global powerhouses & Tier 1 public-sector organisations through to innovative startups. Agile Digital are proud to have shared their decade of success with innovative clients including, Schneider Electric, IP Australia and Data61.

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