Sydney, 29 August, 2016 - AppSense, the leading provider of User Environment Management solutions for the secure endpoint, today announced that Deakin University has selected AppSense Environment Manager to deliver a consistent, fast logon experience as well as significantly reduce profile corruption and reliance on group policy.

Craig Warren, Infrastructure Service Director, Deakin University, said, “We provide Deakin University students, staff, and faculty with excellent service, but the performance and corruption problems we experienced with Roaming Profiles was a blemish on that service. AppSense got rid of both problems, which allowed us to focus on providing advanced digital disruption technologies to our customers.”

The university will now be able to personalise user desktops on-demand and help protect endpoints with contextual policy control while at the same time move away from a student environment where desktop configurations were lost every time a user logged off. Indeed, logon times varied from 30 to 40 seconds for users with new machines to 90 seconds and beyond for older machines or users with large roaming profiles. In extreme cases, a logon might take 10 minutes or more.

Jim Zelener, Public Sector Engagement Manager for AppSense Go+ Platinum partner Thomas Duryea, noted, “The help desk for Deakin’s desktop infrastructure support team logged over 600 calls annually for profile corruption. University staff were inconvenienced—often repeatedly—by not being able to log in due to profile corruption. On the IT side, a corrupt profile typically required an hour to resolve, costing the team 600 man-hours per year.”

“We appreciate the value that Environment Manager’s simplicity and ease of use, will provide to the university,” said David Wyld, Desktop Support Manager, Deakin University. “Being able to make changes to things like group policy triggers with just a few clicks is a great motivator for us.”

At the same time, Deakin University is also deploying AppSense Insight to collect actionable endpoint data and establish a baseline to identify the processes that were causing problems and needed attention.

The decision to select AppSense follows a Proof of Concept (POC) facilitated by Thomas Duryea during which time it configured AppSense Environment Manager to replace Deakin's roaming profiles.

"AppSense is incredibly valuable just from the standpoint of visibility," said Wyld. "Often you don't know you have a problem unless you have a way to measure performance. In addition, with Insight, we had hard data about what people were experiencing, which uncovered problems we knew about—and problems we had no idea existed."

Initially, Deakin University has deployed Environment Manager to 300 machines within its IT division. Logon times have plummeted and users have stopped experiencing profile corruption.

“We love Environment Manager’s simplicity and ease of use," said Wyld. “Being able to make changes to things like group policy triggers with just a few clicks was a great motivator for us.”

While the initial rollout now in place, the university has prepared for subsequent implementations. The desktop infrastructure team has started developing AppSense application templates for faculty machines and has deployed AppSense agents to 10,000 machines. AppSense has also provided Deakin with configurations for the numerous virtual applications that students access via Citrix in the university's labs.

Additionally, Deakin is evaluating AppSense Application Manager to support an institutional security initiative. The team’s initial needs include malware protection, initially in student lab environments and privilege management for staff members.

“We didn’t plan to purchase Insight and Environment Manager," said Wyld. “But the great results from the POCs drove us to adjust our budget to make the funds available. And, after implementation, we have no regrets. We can’t wait to see what additional benefits AppSense technology can deliver for Deakin.”

Established in 1974, Deakin University has five campuses—one in Melbourne, two in Geelong and one in Warrnambool. The fifth and fastest growing campus is in the cloud (online). With staff numbering around 4,200, Deakin University serves a student population of approximately 53,000, which includes those on and off campus. Staff and students constantly access the University's network from labs, administrative workstations, and off-campus locations.

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