MELBOURNE; BOSTON; LONDON – January 15, 2015 - According to the latest research from global marketing research and advisory firm, Demand Metric, customer service can significantly contribute to business growth when aligned with marketing and sales and adequately supported with training and technology. The research examines customer service success factors and provides guidelines for improving business processes, including selecting technologies that can improve customer engagement. A Panviva vendor profile and case study are part of the research which can be downloaded at

“Customer service is one of the most public-facing functions in any organisation. Yet contact centres – where most customer interactions occur – often lack the resources to manage increasing complexity and market expectations,” said Clare Price, Vice President of Research at Demand Metric. “Agents must communicate across multiple channels with customers who are well-informed and often demanding. Providing them with relevant information filtered by role, screen activity, experience and expertise makes sense. Exceeding customer expectations can be a point of differentiation that delivers competitive advantage.”

Demand Metric’s research shows that deploying applications that simplify information access and sharing among customer service, marketing and sales improves the performance of each. “All of these stakeholders benefit from happier customers,” Price added.

“SupportPoint Cloud immediately delivers accurate, complete information to customer service representatives because that’s what customers expect,” said Stephen Pappas, Senior Vice President, North America. “SupportPoint Cloud measurably improves agent performance and confidence by reducing information complexity, providing role-based step-by-step guidance, and connecting customer care, sales and marketing teams. This improves customer engagement, strengthening customer and interdepartmental relationships.”

About Panviva

Originally founded in Melbourne as a content and knowledge management consulting firm, Panviva is now a global provider of cloud-based software solutions with operations and customers in Australia, the US and the UK, including leading global brands in the banking, healthcare and telecommunications sectors. Panviva’s SupportPoint Cloud business process guidance software provides users with workflow navigation and instant access to the exact information, applications, and communication they need all in one place and accessed through a simple interface.

About Demand Metric

Demand Metric is a global marketing research & advisory firm serving a membership community of more than 55,000 marketing professionals, CEOs, and business owners with advisory services, research & benchmarking reports, consulting methodologies, training workshops & courses, and a library of practical tools and templates.