New Zealand is currently experiencing a significant ICT skills shortage. To help address this problem the Institute of IT Professionals NZ has signed up as an exhibitor for the series of Careers Expos taking place across the country next year.

Institute of IT Professionals CEO, Paul Matthews says, “Unfortunately the amount of graduates we are seeing come into the market are not as many as we need to fill the roles that are available.”

Matthews adds, “Careers in IT are exciting, challenging and full of opportunities not often found elsewhere, and we want as many people as possible to get to know the options and have the opportunity to go after them. The Careers Expo is a great way of getting this message out to heaps of kids and their parents”.

The Institute’s involvement is an extension of their successful ICT-Connect school outreach programme, supported by 40 companies such as Datacom, Potentia and the NZ School of Education. There are some common misconceptions about career paths in IT with many people thinking the industry is just about maths and programming. However, this is not the case.

While some roles such as Software Developer need a technical mind-set, others such as Business Analysis and Project Management aren’t technically focused. Proficiency in English, Science, Digital Technology and Maths are useful skills for candidates wishing to enter the industry. Employers also place a high value on soft skill-sets such as creativity, initiative, dedication, problem solving, the ability to work in a team and desire.

The Institute of IT Professionals will use the Careers Expo to help address some of the misconceptions about IT and promote the industry as a compelling career option for young people. They plan to present technologies to grab the attention of the students attending the Expos and tell stories of real people in IT, about their journey into the industry and why they love it.

Careers Expo Director, Mark Gillard says, “I’m delighted to have the Institute of IT Professionals on board for the 2015 Careers Expos. Their involvement will help educate the thousands of young people who attend the event about the breadth of exciting roles available in IT which is a step towards addressing the skills shortage the IT industry is facing’.

About the Careers Expo

The Careers Expo presents the widest range of exhibitors of any careers expo in New Zealand. Comprising employers, tertiary providers, training institutions, industry representatives, government departments and corporates.

The Careers Expo provides organisations the opportunity to connect directly with tomorrow’s workforce and presents employment and career information and guidance to prospective employees.

Admission is free for all visitors and the 2015 events will take place in Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, from May to June next year.

About the Institute of IT Professionals

The Institute of IT Professionals is a non-profit professional body, and the oldest and most trusted IT body in New Zealand.

The Institute works hard to improve both the education and professional development of those broadly working with computers and technology and the computer-related education of the country as a whole.

The Institute of IT Professionals works with government, the education sector and academia, the industry, the IT community and the public at large to increase the education, professionalism and expertise of those working in the ICT sector and advance education across the board in the interests of New Zealand.