Leigh Schmid, director at My Business Voice, is incensed by this highly unprofessional sales behaviour.

“The point I want to get across,” he explains, “is that some people are lying to the end-user in order to upgrade them to a brand-new VoIP telephone system, and telling the customer that their old legacy digital telephone system will not work on the new NBN service, which is incorrect.”

“We can supply our gateway, which will be installed between their legacy telephone equipment and the NBN and will give them the required communications.”

“A PSTN gateway is a simple box, typically only a few hundred dollars, which mimics a normal telephone line. Similarly we can install an ISDN gateway, which mimics an ISDN connection.”

Either type of gateway plugs directly into the NBN and operates as normal. The customers definitely do not have to toss out their existing PSTN or ISDN equipment.

By installing an inexpensive gateway in this manner the customers will avoid the expense of completely replacing their legacy equipment.

“I will not lie to my customers. They get to keep their legacy telephone equipment that they are comfortable with and may have purchased years ago, while they get the benefit of cheap VoIP calls and connection to the NBN.”

“We just add the gateway, connect it to the NBN, and they’re working!”
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