Sydney – 14 October 2014 - Leading Australian software developer, Flamingo, has announced that it will co-create healthcare solutions for Australian consumers following an injection of $1.5 million in funding from Epic Pharmacy (EPIC), one of Australia’s largest, specialty pharmacy groups providing hospital, oncology and aged care pharmacy services.

The Flamingo platform launched earlier this year supports a new and innovative approach to customer relationships and retention. It provides ways for customers to co-create the experience they want by enabling customers to personalise the way they communicate, how they interact and want to be treated by an organisation and the mix of goods or services they want to receive.

The Epic Pharmacy funding will be used by Flamingo to build out customer-directed healthcare solutions initially with healthcare insurers and hospitals. This will enable consumers to co-create the relationships which they want to have with their healthcare insurer as well as with any healthcare service provider from the hospital to the aged care facility.

Dr Catriona Wallace, CEO of Flamingo, said, “Customised healthcare is of growing interest and concern to the majority of Australians. With this new funding, Australians for the first time will be able to co-create a personalised experience with a health service provider to meet their own individual requirements, beyond just the product. We will also provide customers with a Personal Cloud to store and manage their own healthcare data.

“Flamingo already has clients in the financial services, professional services and digital business sectors and this funding now allows us to provide the platform to healthcare providers initially in Australia and by June 2015 to the North American market.”

Flamingo was developed to overcome the challenge faced by many organisations seeking to provide personalised experiences to customers, however lacking the tools to do so.

Flamingo is unique in that it is programmed to guide employees through customer journeys that address the needs, problems and goals of customers but within the parameters that the organisation can deliver. Clever data analytics provide real time reporting and predictive models of customer experience. Organisations can centralise customer experience information, allowing the generation of an accurate picture of past interactions and future likely requirements. This results in an organisation understanding exactly what each individual customer is experiencing and providing a practical way to treat every customer as an individual.

Customers are invited to review and personalise their relationship with the organisation through a web-based interface. This can include anything from selection of their preferred communication channel to the particular product and service mix that best suits their requirements.

Cathie Reid, Managing Partner, Epic Pharmacy, said, “Co-creation via Flamingo puts the customer at the centre of every business decision. As healthcare professionals we instinctively understood the power that a “patient first’ perspective can deliver. Dr Catriona Wallace has a fantastic track record in converting ideas into successful business initiatives which make a true difference to the communities they service, and we are delighted to be working with her in this venture."

Since launching earlier this year, Flamingo has already secured strong interest from industries ranging from banking, fashion, insurance through to Federal Government.

Fashion business, Her Fashion Box, has achieved significant success in using Flamingo to re-engage and win-back customers who had previously churned. National Australia Bank, Imalia Insurance Brokers and digital mentoring business, PropellHer, are also in the process of adopting the Flamingo platform for the delivery of personalised customer experiences.

Flamingo’s market momentum was recently confirmed with the closure of its second round of funding which was over-subscribed with $2.1 million being raised from a mix of private and institutional investors including Andy Lark, CEO and Founder of Group Lark, and former Chief Marketing and Online Officer at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Cathie Reid will now join the Flamingo board which also has private investors including, Paul Hunyor, Founder of One Big Switch, and Doc Searls, Centre of Internet and Society at Harvard.

About Epic Pharmacy

Previously APHS, Epic Pharmacy has been over 25 years in the making. Epic is a dynamic, values-driven organisation providing quality medicine and health management services to the hospital, oncology and aged care sectors. Caring, capable and committed to delivering first rate services to it’s patients and customers, Epic is not your average healthcare company. Epic believes in disrupting and innovating. Epic don’t accept the status quo, but explore new ways to engage customers in their health. Epic are a company that promise to deliver healthcare in an Epic way.

About Flamingo Ventures Pty Ltd

Flamingo is an enterprise SaaS Customer Experience Co-creation, Analytics and Personal Cloud solution that allows businesses to treat customers as individuals. The platform also has a sophisticated analytics dashboard for business. Flamingo sits within the VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) field which enables customers and organisations to be customer-led in design.