North claims to offer techniques that can reduce the time taken to develop software using agile methods “from months to minutes”. He says his course is for ”People who feel themselves limited by current agile, CD [continuous delivery] and craftsmanship thinking. People who want to go back to basics and uncover new, simpler ways to deliver great software.” He says his Accelerated Agile course will teach “new techniques that both enhance and replace existing agile practices, some of which are counter-intuitive and many which are completely counter to current ‘agile’ doctrine.” He promises that participants “will start to think differently about design, architecture, development and testing, operations, automation and team dynamics,” by using a mixture of discussion, instruction and exploration. According to a posting on his website the methodology he teaches grew out of his experiences some years ago as a member of a small team developing software for a financial trading firm. “This team was the most insanely effective delivery machine I’ve ever been a part of,” he says. “A handful of programmers sitting in amongst a handful of traders, producing state-of-the-art trading systems – with all the integration pain (back office, risk management, connecting to electronic exchanges) that involves – in weeks. Not months, weeks.” Confessing himself to be somewhat gobsmacked by this experience he decided to analyse what was happening. “They were reducing the cycle time of delivering business capability from months to days,” he says. “They were using agile values without being slaves to any of the big-A Agile practices. They really did value collaboration over contract negotiation. Their customers – the traders – were on the same side as them rather than across the table negotiating scope or delivery dates. “They really did value working software over comprehensive documentation – although they would comprehensively document where it was necessary because they didn’t not value documentation. They really did value responding to change over following a plan. And they really did listen to one another and value each other’s opinions over any process or tool.” His Accelerated Agile training course grew out of this analysis. He says it’s for “People who feel themselves limited by current Agile, CD [continuous delivery] and Craftsmanship thinking. People who want to go back to basics and uncover new, simpler ways to deliver great software.” So, if you’re “a seasoned agile developer who is frustrated at how slow your ‘hyper-performing’ process feels,” Dan's course could be just the thing for you. It’s being held in 22 November (Sydney) and 27 November (Melbourne) ahead of the YOW! conferences scheduled for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in December. More details at // "); // ]]>

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