[24]7, the intuitive customer experience company, today announced [24]7 Social, a suite of applications that leverages prediction, real-time decisioning and intuitive design frameworks to make the social sharing of purchases, promotions, products and customer experiences easy for consumers. [24]7 Social transforms social sharing from just a web interaction to a broader, omnichannel experience where consumers can share through different enterprise channels. The new suite of [24]7 Social applications also makes it possible for marketers and eCommerce executives at large enterprises to drive conversations, conversions and incremental online sales.

In today’s culture, social sharing is becoming a mainstream activity – 15 percent of online shoppers ‘share’ their purchases, 40 percent read product and brand postings by friends, and 5 percent click through and purchase, according to [24]7 deployment data. With [24]7 Social, enterprises can now harness the power of brand advocates by incentivising them to become a direct sales force online, thereby making social sharing profitable for the enterprise.

[24]7 Social takes social sharing across channels, where sharing can be easily done on the web, in a web chat, or other enterprise channel. [24]7 Social also engages brand advocates in the right interaction at the right time. Through predictive analytics, marketers can identify, target and engage influential consumers at the right moment, making it easy for consumers to share as a natural extension of the customer experience.

“This new world of engagement begins with social sharing,” noted R “Ray” Wang, founder and chairman, Constellation Research, Inc. “Products that enable brand advocates to frictionlessly share their experiences improve engagement and of course the top line.”

[24]7 Social includes the following four apps:

· Purchase Sharing – Consumers share purchases after checkout is complete, increasing conversion rates.

· Product Sharing – Consumers share products while browsing product pages, increasing awareness.

· Promotion Sharing – Consumers share promotions from an enterprise’s website and other materials, increasing incremental sales.

· Experience Sharing – Consumers share their experiences after a successful customer service interaction, increasing brand loyalty.

“Today’s social consumer can become an enterprise’s best evangelist if the customer service experience is easy, seamless and taps into the power of a consumer’s social influence,” said PV Kannan, co-founder and CEO, [24]7. “Social sharing crowdsources brand promotion and cultivates brand ambassadors which increases engagement levels across a variety of a consumer’s social networks. This social sharing helps create buzz around different products, promotions, purchases and experiences which ultimately improves a company’s branding and business results.”

[24]7 Social is available immediately. To learn more about [24]7 Social, please visit: http://www.247-inc.com/products/247-Social or watch the [24]7 Social overview video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gQn2ZalFJs&feature=youtu.be

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