Developing Your Digital Intelligence


CMOs and CIOs are being asked to step up and take a leading role in how their organisations embrace digital disruption. And who could wonder at it: At one end of the spectrum, IT leaders are the information technology custodians; at the other, marketing chiefs have become the customer champions, responsible for how their organisation connects to and drives even better engagement with consumers in the face of digital change. But what ingredients are needed to truly embrace digital for customer advantage? How can you make data your most strategic asset? And what cultural and leadership barriers must be overcome if marketing and IT are to find the right digital recipe for their organisation?

This special event, brought to you jointly by CMO and CIO magazines and the Association for data-driven marketing and advertising (ADMA), will bring together IT and marketing leaders to discuss how to orchestrate a comprehensive digital strategy roadmap; what role each executive should or could be taking in this digital landscape; how data is playing a key role in being a more responsive and customer-led organisation; and why CMOs and CIOs must become custodians of change if they wish to succeed in a digital-first world.

Who will attend?

  • CMOs, General Managers of Marketing, and Senior Marketing, Heads of Customer Engagement, Heads of Digital
  • CIOs, IT Directors and Senior IT Executives

Audience Feedback 2014

“Fantastic – perfect amount of content and very engaging style”

“Great and relevant content – very engaging with real life examples”

“Great discussion full of different experiences. One of the best panel discussions I’ve seen recently.”

“Good insight in how IT, marketing and customer-centric focus are aligned.”


*Attendance is limited to CMOs, General Managers of Marketing, Heads of Customer Engagement, Senior Marketing, Heads of Digital,  CIOs, IT Directors and other senior IT and business executives in non-vendor organisations. IDG and ADMA reserve the right to refuse attendance to any person not fitting these job descriptions, or from a vendor organisation.