CMO is looking to recognise Australia’s 50 most innovative and effective Chief Marketing Officers making demonstrable impact across their organisation.

Now in its fifth year, this annual list has set the benchmark for leading the marketing function in Australia with its emphasis on innovative, strategic thinking. The list showcases modern marketers driving business and marketing change and commercial improvements, enabling greater collaboration and better customer engagement as a result. It’s not about not assessing creative campaigns or communications, but recognising the overall role of the CMO through:

  • Business contribution and innovation
  • A customer engagement-led approach to marketing thinking and effectiveness
  • The application of data and/or technology in marketing strategy and programs
  • Empowered and strategic CMO thinking
  • An ability to effect change in the organisation
  • Demonstration of marketing’s commercial effectiveness
  • Team and people development

All completed questionnaires will be reviewed by our CMO50 judging panel, who will rate each section in order to come up with our final list. Approved excerpts will then form the basis of the profiles of our 50 CMOs, which will be revealed in October. Please be assured questionnaires and commercially sensitive information will be kept confidential between the CMO50 judging panel.

The word count for responses to each question is 300 words. It is important responses stick to the word count to allow judges to fairly and consistently measure each response. The deadline for submitting these questionnaires is Monday 5 August.

All completed submissions are to be sent to CMO Publisher and Editor, Nadia Cameron

Download the questionnaire