CMO Momentum 2019

Our latest event focused on leading and
sustaining the modern marketing function

  • Gail Tifford

    Chief Brand Officer, WW (global)

  • Andrew Chanmugam

    Executive General Manager, Customer Experience

  • Louise Eyres

    Chief Marketing Officer, Sport Australia

  • Ric Navarro

    Global Director of Marketing and Communications, Norman Disney & Young

  • Shalabh Atray

    Chief Marketing Officer, Kraft Heinz

  • Pascal Molenberghs

    Associate Professor, Institute for Social Neuroscience

  • Diane Belan

    Global General Manager, Marketing and Digital, Forever New

  • Teresa Sperti

    Former CMO, World Vision and Founder, Arktic Fox

  • Nadia Cameron

    Nadia Cameron, Publisher and Editor, CMO

  • John Menagh

    Commerce Solution Specialist, Sitecore

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, CMO regrets we’ve had to postpone CMO Momentum Melbourne until 2021.

However, while we can’t bring the physical conference to Melbourne this year, we are delighted to confirm we’ll be offering complimentary access to the annual CMO Momentum Sydney conference virtual event stream to Victorian residents. Stay tuned for further details about how you can participate digitally in our dedicated conference for modern marketing leaders.

CMO Momentum is an annual conference series produced by CMO. We first launched in Sydney in 2017 and debuted in a distinct new format in Melbourne in 2019. Both take a deep dive into customer-led and inspired marketing leadership in a data-driven, hyper-connected world, where consumers control the conversation, technology and data smarts are vital to success, experience is the key to competitive advantage and change is the new normal.

Those interested in sponsoring, speaking or ensuring a place at the physical 2020 CMO Momentum in Sydney can register their interest via this special form.

Sydney 8 August 2019 | Melbourne 19 September 2019

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