CMO Live Webinar | Creating Memorable Customer Experiences
  • Nadia Cameron

    Publisher & Editor, CMO,

  • Kristi Knight

    CMO, InMoment

  • Michael Buckley

    Managing Director, Accenture

Live Webinar

Live to your desk 03 May 2018 2:00PM - 2:45PM Add to calendar

Creating memorable customer experiences: The who, what and how

According to fresh research from CX intelligence vendor, InMoment, nearly 70 per cent of consumers feel they’ve participated in a memorable experience with brands in the last year.

Yet with more than 50 per cent also reporting at least one negative customer experience over the same time frame, and a growing disconnect around personalisation, emotional engagement and how to bring in the human versus digital element, it’s clear brands – and their brand custodians – need to be doing a whole lot more if they have a hope of keeping up with changing customer expectations.

Join us for this special webinar as we discuss what it’s like to take responsibility for crafting customer experiences as a marketing leader. We’ll also discuss what the latest research tells us about what matters when building experiences, and chat with industry experts on how your brand can respond successfully and in a way that fosters lasting engagement.

This special CMO webinar features:

  •  InMoment’s global CMO, Kristi Knight, shares how the rise of CX is evolving the role of the chief marketing officer and her first-hand experiences putting customers first
  • The latest findings into what matters most in crafting memorable experiences
  • Industry expert insights into current CX opportunities and pitfalls, from personalisation and emotional engagement to new technologies and getting the basics right

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2:00pm AEST - 2:05pm AEST Welcome | Nadia Cameron, Editor & Publisher, CMO
2:05pm AEST - 2:20PM AEST

Keynote Speaker | Kristi Knight, global CMO, Inmoment

2:20pm AEST - 2:45pm AEST

Interactive Panel Discussion | featuring Accenture Interactive MD, Michael Buckley

2:45pm AEST

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Nadia Cameron

Publisher & Editor, CMO,

Nadia is a respected and award-winning industry Journalist and Editor with 17 years’ experience and is the Publisher and Editor of CMO from IDG.

Throughout her career, she has maintained a focus on technology and business, working for titles such as CIO, Computerworld, PC World, Australian Reseller News (ARN), Exhibition News, Business Asia, and now CMO. From 2010 to 2012, Nadia was Managing Editor of business publications for the UK live events industry, and created FaceTime Magazine for event marketers. She’s also responsible for launching and transforming key industry events, such as the annual ARN Industry Awards and Exhibition News Awards.

Nadia rejoined IDG Australia in 2013 to create CMO, a dedicated title for the modern marketing chief. In 2015, CMO launched the CMO50 program, now recognised as the country’s premiere list for modern marketing excellence, supported by a highly prestigious annual event.

Kristi Knight

CMO, InMoment

Kristi Knight is CMO at InMoment, and has more than 20 years of executive experience building strategic communication and corporate marketing programs, she directs InMoment’s public and internal positioning and global marketing strategies, including corporate marketing, product marketing, customer marketing, lead generation, public relations, and analyst relations. She coordinates with internal and external leadership to create a strong, differentiated brand experience designed to maximize company valuation.

Prior to joining InMoment, Kristi directed public relations, analyst relations, and client relations from executive positions with high-growth technology companies, as well as from a full-service communications and marketing agency she founded and later sold. She has overseen corporate communications and positioning through several major acquisitions, including two of the largest business transactions in Utah’s history.

Michael Buckley

Managing Director, Accenture

Michael Buckley is the Managing Director for Accenture Interactive in Australia and New Zealand. Working with clients across multiple industries, Michael is focused on helping business leaders to drive efficiencies and reduce costs, through marketing analytics, customer experience, campaign and content management and eCommerce.

With a career spanning over two decades in the advertising and media industries, Michael has managed an extensive range of clients and organisations through large scale business growth and transformation using his expertise in technology and media fragmentation. Michael specialises in the core elements of the digital ecosystem from the web, design experience, eCommerce, data, media, technology, mobile to social and digital marketing. He is passionate about organisation culture, convergence and technology as a means to better connect with businesses, staff, citizens and consumers.