30 July 2020

How to better harness technology and culture to drive company growth

Both CIOs and CMOs are increasingly in the position of championing company transformation in order to pave the way to growth. And there are plenty of tools at their disposal to achieve it, from technology innovations and intelligent-based platform innovation to data and analytics, digital capability, new operational ways of working and more.

Yet what’s equally clear is neither side can afford to swim in their own functional lane if they want to truly champion company-wide transformation. Both CMOs and CIOs are required to take a much more strategic, collaborative and influential role with business colleagues – and each other – if they’re to orchestrate the changes in technology, behaviour and cultural approach that will steer their organisations to growth.

So what is it technologists and marketing/customer leaders can do to improve their capabilities, as well as champion the right team mindset, to lead growth-led transformation?

Join us for this digital event as we investigate:

  • What are the respective roles of marketing and technologist when it comes to company growth strategies?
  • What steps are CIOs and CMOs taking to institute technology and operational
  • transformations in their organisations today?
  • Talent management: Building the right employee and cultural mindset for transformation and constant learning
  • How much of growth-led transformation must CIOs and CMOs orchestrate together?
  • What’s holding both functional leaders back from success?