22 July 2020

Building the ultimate customer data engine

There’s no doubt consumer expectations are at an all-time high, and organisations must connect the experience dots using digital and data tools in order to meet and exceed the demands of today’s customer-led economy.

Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, it’s become easier than ever to harness data from across an organisation to personalise and contextualise engagement with external customers. And there’s a wealth of internal and external data sets that play a role, from digital interactions to voice of customer, transactional, supply chain, and more, paving the way to even more customer experience improvement and innovation.

But as we face a rise in customer data protection and privacy laws, and seek to bring more types of data into the picture, organisations must navigate the legal, ethical and cross-functional implications of tapping more customer insight to achieve their engagement and growth ambitions.

So how can teams better utilise data without crossing the creepy line? Which employees need access to what data sets and when in order to improve your external customer experiences? And what governance and collaboration practices should you embrace to ensure external customer experience efforts are successful?

This digital event will explore how marketing and IT leaders do just that by investigating:

  • The array of data being harnessed to improve and personalise external customer experiences
  • Putting customer data sets to work intelligently in an experience economy
  • How AI, machine learning and automation tools are helping marketing and technologists bridge the brand/customer expectations divide
  • What role CMOs and CIOs play in building an organisation’s customer data roadmap and strategic approach
  • Data democratisation and how data-led employee experience can help and hinder external customer efforts