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Why marketers need to pay attention to attention

Every day, people see somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads. With so much noise and so much information vying for people's attention, advertisers are under constant pressure to ensure that their messages are more than just simply viewed.

The quest to properly connect with and engage audiences has led to an evolution in how advertising effectiveness is measured, with advertisers and agencies looking beyond conventional metrics such as engagement and viewability and trying to figure out whether or not the message has captured a person's attention in a real and meaningful way.

Thanks to a new partnership between the leading digital outdoor media company QMS and the globally acclaimed audience measurement company Amplified Intelligence, marketers will soon be able to understand how attention works in the out-of-home (OOH) sector.

The importance of attention

According to global media authority Anne Parsons, measuring attention gives advertisers a more accurate alternative to historical OOH measurements that have focused solely on reach and frequency measures.”.

"It is a sad misuse of advertiser money to talk in terms of viewability as a success measure, when viewability and attention are not the same thing," Parsons says. The swift rise of Digital media across all channels combined with vastly intelligent research applications are themselves sufficient reason to reconsider how the industry measures a consumer’s reception to a message. "Attention is a simple solution to an issue that grows bigger as media channels continue to develop and consumer engagement with media continues to change. It is also excellent progress in our combined understanding of effective communication and subsequently, enabling advertisers the opportunity to gain more from their investment - based on the money they spend and the engagement that generates. Attention measurement uses irrefutable data, and is measured with a discipline that makes it easy to grasp and easily transferable."

Attention research is growing in popularity across various media formats, including radio, cinema, and online display advertising, as well as out-of-home, and is measured by considering relevant signals such as the size and position of placements, the context of surrounding media, and the strength of the creative content. This scope is used to develop an overall appreciation of the level of attention that each placement receives. In an outdoor environment, this has been expanded to include measuring a person's gaze to accurately determine human engagement with a message. With confidence on how many people actually saw and registered the message, Advertisers have a “real” starting point for measuring the effectiveness of that message.

By providing a level playing field across different media types, advertisers can understand the performance of creative content across different channels.

"Cross-channel and cross-market measurement is a possibility and something that is openly talked about as a desired outcome and the media industry will move clearly and purposefully toward this objective," Parsons says. "It requires a lot of preparatory work, testing, and refining, to ensure that the same mathematical values are adhered to, the same methodologies are followed and effectively ensuring that all findings are replicable."

QMS and attention

QMS has a long history of supporting research to determine the impact of digital out-of-home advertising. Three years ago, it joined a coalition of advertising technology companies and Agencies, committed to promoting attention as a primary metric for understanding advertising, known as The Attention Council (TAC).

In June 2022, QMS also partnered with Amplified Intelligence to launch a global-first pilot study into the role attention plays in out-of-home environments, with the goal of delivering greater accountability and audience understanding and, ultimately, improved results for clients.

The two organisations conducted a successful privacy-compliant pilot program in Queensland to measure attention across QMS formats, with that program now being rolled out across more formats and locations.

According to QMS chief strategy officer Christian Zavecz, attention is quickly becoming a key metric for how clients plan and analyse media.

"The successful pilot with Amplified Intelligence was another significant step in the journey to developing usable metrics for our clients, - measures that expand from traditional quantitative platforms into critical quality of impact measures," he says.

The study deployed cutting-edge technology from Amplified Intelligence to measure the anonymous orientation of both a person’s face and their pose. It proved, for the first time, that face and pose landmarks can be successfully leveraged to measure active attention.

According to Amplified Intelligence's CEO and founder, Professor Karen Nelson-Field, the pilot study met all statistical requirements using models trained by the same mathematical values used for attention in other platforms and channels.

"This truly universal omnichannel definition means we will be able to talk to agencies and clients in a common language," she says.

The next stage in the study will see Amplified Intelligence developing tools and systems for QMS' clients and agencies.


This global first study into OOH attention with Amplified Intelligence is another way in which QMS is enhancing the value of its digital out-of-home network for customers and will give them a powerful new way to measure the value of their investments.

By adopting attention as a key metric, advertisers will soon be able to ensure they are using out-of-home in ways that truly utilise its broad reach and impact capabilities and generate the best possible results.

To find out more, click here

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