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The Digital Revolution: How QMS is helping advertisers unlock the potential of digital out-of-home advertising

Mobile screens have become an inescapable part of modern life, with 86 per cent of the Australian population now estimated to own a smartphone.

But our personal screens are only one element of our daily media interactions, and whilst we were looking down at our devices during the pandemic, another digital media revolution was taking place.

In the past few years out-of-home advertising has undergone its own digital transformation, as more and more display sites have been converted for electronic presentation.

According to the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), these digital screens now contribute 60 per cent of total out-of-home revenues in Australia. And these new screens are not just replacing traditional analogue display options – they are also providing a new range of formats, buying options, and analytics capabilities. When combined, these capabilities can significantly increase the overall effectiveness of digital out-of-home advertising.

The return of out-of-home

The total out-of-home advertising market was hit hard during the pandemic, as lockdowns cut massively into traffic in popular locations. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Entertainment and Media Outlook report, 2020 saw a 39 percent decrease in year-on-year revenue, which fell to A$772 million.

But as Australia has emerged into the post-pandemic world, the overall out-of-home market has been resurgent, with the OMA reporting an increase of 25.5% on net media revenue for Q1 2022, at $228.1 million – up from $181.7 million for the same quarter in 2021.

This growth is being driven by advertisers who are once again embracing the characteristics that make out-of-home effective, such as its reach across 93 per cent of the Australian population, and its ability to connect with people when they are highly alert.

A key difference however in the out-of-home proposition today is a huge investment in digital signage. Digital out-of-home specialist QMS, for instance, has invested in more than 150 large format roadside billboards, added an entirely digital IMPULSE network across 7-Eleven stores and is in the process of re-energising the City of Sydney with a digital led street furniture network. This investment, backed by market leading data from the likes of Dspark and Hemisphere enabled by Visa, and in addition to three world leading neuroscience studies, is helping advertisers unlock more powerful out-of-home campaigns.

The benefits of digital out-of-home

Digital out-of-home takes the big impact, scale and reach capabilities of traditional out-of-home, and then supercharges its effectiveness for advertisers through the additional benefits of creative innovation, campaign flexibility and precision, and critically, transparency and measurement.

According to research from the OMA, digital out-of-home has a 63 per cent higher average neuro impact score when compared to classic out-of-home advertising. This is because it also brings greater vibrancy and cut through via the transitioning of each digital ad display.

Digital also allows advertisers to evolve content and tell a story over time, which through a recent QMS <neuroscience study>, proved to increase effectiveness by 38 per cent when compared to analogue alternatives. Further neuroscience studies have also shown that DOOH campaigns incorporating contextually relevant messages can also benefit significantly (+19% uplift).

Now with campaign accuracy, accountability and transparency at the fore, continuing to work with trusted data leaders and third-party auditing systems, QMS is delivering guaranteed results for clients, and driving growth in the digital out-of-home sector. Ensuring advertisers get exactly what they pay for is what drives QMS to deliver a higher level of accountability and transparency to provide a real difference in the industry and help create deeper trust and better relationships.

Digital out-of-home in action

The effectiveness of QMS’ digital out-of-home network offering was demonstrated recently through its use in Suncorp Group’s ‘AAMI Does’ brand campaign, which encouraged Australians to question if their insurer actually ‘does what they need it to do’.

Suncorp Group’s chief marketing officer Mim Haysom said the uncertain times brought on by lockdowns focused awareness on the need for AAMI to maintain share-of-voice and brand visibility, and she saw digital out-of-home as being a key channel for reaching audiences.

“Working closely with QMS, and utilising both their Q-Data capability and premium digital network, we were able to tailor our campaigns with speed and accuracy to ensure we made an impact on our audiences where and when it mattered most,” Haysom said. “As a result, we’ve seen AAMI reach new peaks in brand awareness and consideration, and most importantly, reverse years of market share decline to become Australia’s number one home and car insurer.”

Haysom said Suncorp’s marketing analytics showed digital out-of-home was a key channel driving this success, particularly the use of digital large format.

“QMS’ understanding and leadership in digital out-of-home has made a real difference for AAMI and through our collaboration we’ve been able to unlock the true power that digital brings to our out-of-home campaigns,” she said.

Another major advertiser to benefit from the emergence of digital out-of-home has been the AFL, which in March this year partnered with QMS to unveil an Australian first use of its ‘3DOOH’ creative technology.

Utilising QMS’ in-house creative services team QUBE, the AFL’s season launch campaign, dubbed the ‘Festival of Footy’, utilised an immersive 3D digital billboard featuring a 3D anamorphic illusion viewing experience of AFL footballs emerging from the screen.

According to the AFL’s Head of Marketing and Content, Julian Dunne, the Festival of Footy provided a fantastic opportunity for fans to get back to the footy and celebrate together.

“The timing was perfect to work with QMS’ interactive design, utilising 3DOOH technology to bring the media to life, in a truly dynamic way,” Dunne said.

Australian audiences today overwhelmingly expect digital experiences, and the out-of-home advertising sector has evolved to match.

Through its sophisticated digital out-of-home solutions, QMS is helping advertisers unlock the potential of digital out-of-home so they can enjoy all the benefits of traditional out-of-home media and enhance their campaigns with new capabilities that make a real difference.

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