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Maturing your MarTech is hard, but it doesn’t have to be

All too often, CMO’s, CDO’s or IT Managers are dealing with complaints from their marketing and technology teams that their MarTech platform is not working or isn’t performing up to expectations.

But why?

For organisations who need to take a more consolidated approach to their MarTech, and need a level of platform maturity that does not exist in some of the smaller players, it seems as though CMOs don’t have much choice.

When investing in a MarTech platform, it is not a matter of whether you can achieve your marketing automation, personalisation, customer segmentation or data excellence goals, it is a question of how… without getting stuck in the tech.

We believe that the biggest pain points for organisations when integrating a MarTech platform like Sitecore is threefold.

  1. Teams are not clear about what their digital experience platform (DXP), or website is going to achieve for their customer
  2. There is a misunderstanding of who the segments are and what should be communicated to them
  3. There is an inability for teams to conceptualise the two above points and understand how a strategy should technically work

These three problems coupled with typical development teams taking a purist approach to website development, results in limited ability to deliver even small incremental changes that encourage ongoing support from the business.

What is the real sticking point?

When organisations or their strategic partners only theorise about all the possibilities of the platform, there's an expectation that the theory is going to be implemented as per specifications on paper. More often than not, because of the complexities of a MarTech platform like Sitecore, we see organisations aren’t technically ready within the platform to bring their strategy to life. The result is a digital experience or website project that has taken 9-12 months to get live and is often only using 5% of platform’s features. In many cases, this 5% is the wrong 5% to begin with.

At this point, they’re entering phase 2 of the project, ready to implement real customer experience changes, before realising their infrastructure will not support their plans. The marketing team struggles to execute on their campaigns without having to engage with their development team who are busy keeping the lights on, and not so interested in maintaining the corporate website.

So, how do you sweat the value from your Sitecore asset?

Aaron Collyer, Triggerfish’s Experience Director has seen this first-hand having worked in customer teams looking build a feature rich Sitecore platform. “I’ve always seen a shortfall where vision meets reality and I wanted to actively work to help other Marketing Executives take it from theoretical advice on what’s possible to pragmatic, implementation that gets you in market fast.”

We have been working tirelessly with many customers to practically demonstrate that in 3 months, it is truly achievable to take you and your teams from saying ‘Sitecore doesn’t work!’ to never having seen so much insight from your customer data. We will get your people, processes and technologies set up in the right way from day zero, and will set the foundation for you to move forward, and (finally) sweat the asset you have persistently invested in.  

At Triggerfish, we know it takes teams too long to build digital experiences. Activating your MarTech is hard, and realising your ROI is even harder – but it doesn’t have to be.

We’re hosting a Webinar that will show how you can activate PersonalisationMarketing Automation and Email, on Sitecore in 90 days. Attend and you will learn:

·         How to address common blockers that both marketers and technologists face

·         How to stabilise, strengthen, and elevate your investment in 90 days

·         How to adopt an agile marketing mindset across people, process & technology

·         How prioritising short-term goals will achieve long term speed & success

Register now.

About Triggerfish

Triggerfish was founded on the belief that a pragmatic approach to enabling MarTech in B2B and B2Member organisations requires the connection of cross-organisation Business Goals and the building of a Marketing Operations rhythm to fuel digital growth. Triggerfish provides lifecycle services from business case, technical implementation, running digital marketing operations and ongoing optimisation.

We help business leaders deliver profitable growth by understanding their customers and helping their people create an operational rhythm with marketing and technology.

Learn more about Triggerfish on our website.


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