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What it takes for CMOs to be customer journey chiefs

Organisations today recognise they must get customer experience right to continue to stay in business. Where there’s often a gap is composing customer journey orchestration and conducting the organisation-wide approach needed to achieve seamless and enviable CX.

The Long, the Short and The Missing Middle

A recent survey from Deloitte found that CMOs are 60% less likely to prove the value of brand marketing quantitatively, and only 6.3% use brand equity metrics. While sales and revenue are measured regularly, brand is ad-hoc. Yet, marketers are under pressure, as 58.7% of CMOs report demands from their CEO to prove the value of marketing1. As a result, brand advertising is the only category of marketing investment where growth is now declining following the pandemic.

Stay Agile with Microsoft Audience Network

The Microsoft Audience Network is powered by 20 billion daily cross-screen first-party data signals including LinkedIn – a signal that cannot be found anywhere else. This ability to bring in data that spans personal and professional behaviours is of critical importance today.

The Workday Consumer has logged in – but are you stuck on digital marketing autopilot?

Not so long ago, from Monday to Friday, many consumers went to offices where they engaged in their “work life” activities. Then they went home, where they spent time immersed in their “personal life” activities. On weekends, they did chores and went shopping. Advertisers could count on this as the status quo, until the pandemic hit. Suddenly, as many began to work from home and hybrid working became the norm, life became blurred and for many, all those tasks began to happen simultaneously from home. This change triggered a fundamental, and now permanent shift in how we spend time online – and created the Workday Consumer.