Why you should only focus on what you can control in business

Chris Helder

Chris Helder is one of the world’s most outstanding speakers on the topic of communication, leadership and influence. He is the author of the newly released book The Simple Shift as well as the best-selling Useful Belief, Cut the Noise and The Ultimate Book of Influence.

The scariest thing for most people in the Coronavirus time has been the loss of control in the various aspects of their life. Things have changed. Experts love to tell us that things have changed forever.  This change is frightening. The fact that we all may have very little control over that change in the way business could be done in the future.

So, what do we actually have control over in our business?  Here is a checklist for you to make sure you are making the most of this time in isolation:

1.Your output

How do you show up every day?  Whether that is a zoom call or phone call, what message do you send people in terms of your posture on camera and your voice tone.  What messages are you sending during those meetings?  Make sure you’re thinking and communicating about a better future and not constantly focused on all the negativity.  Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

2.Your energy levels

Energy is a decision. Energy is a choice.  Most people are tired and talk about being tired all the time.  You are completely in control of your energy level.  You are an energetic person.  That is a useful belief for you.  There are a lot of low energy people right now.  You can separate yourself instantly with your energy level.  Think of the impact that has on yourself, employees and clients.  

3.Your environment

Set up your workspace with what you need to be successful.  Get the equipment you need to be professional at home. Invest in yourself and the area that you will be influencing others in.  What will help you stay focused and more successful? The way you set yourself up is a reflection on who you are and what you are dialled into right now.  It is important to focus on the little things and get them right.  

4.Your routine

What does your idea workday look like? How close can you get to creating a routine that works for you every day? What are the things that you need to do more of?  What are the things that you need to do less of? What are the income producing activities? What do you need to do and what do you need to delegate?  

5.Asking yourself the right questions

What have you done well in your business? How can you continue to build upon that success in these unprecedented times? What are the areas that can be improved upon?  What are the new opportunities that are out there?  What are the short-term goals that you are adjusting for your business? Many leaders find themselves in a time of unparalleled challenge.   

6.Don’t be positive or negative… think usefully

Positive thinking doesn’t really work. In fact, studies show that when you try to be positive and it doesn’t work out, you actually end up feeling worse about a situation than you did at the beginning. Obviously, negative thinking doesn’t work either.  Instead, I challenge you embrace useful thinking. While positive and negative are both emotional, useful thinking is pragmatic, practical and delivers results.  What are the most useful thoughts for you to have about business right now?  

7.Act usefully

Follow up your Useful Thinking with action. What is the most useful action right now?  What are the things that you should pay attention to? What is simply noise that is not helping your state of mind. Obviously, if you are obsessing and watching endless media coverage that will not help you. What are the useful actions for you take to make the most of this time.

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