CMO CX Maturity Assessment

How does your organisation rate when it comes to CX excellence?

CMO has developed a customer experience assessment tool to help Australian marketers and CX leaders determine where their organisations sit in the maturity spectrum for CX strategy, alignment and engagement. This unique model not only sheds a light on your overall maturity level, it also provides comprehensive insight into how your organisation is doing when it comes to the seven foundational areas of CX. These 7 areas reflect organisational-wide capabilities vital to making your customer experience dreams a reality:

  • Customer Listening
  • Customer Intelligence and Action
  • Organisational Alignment
  • People and Culture
  • Access to Technology
  • Measurement and ROI Framework
  • Brand Identity

Complete the assessment today and you’ll be sent a copy of your total score and maturity ranking, as well as a breakdown of how well your organisation is performing across the 7 foundational areas of CX. These provide a clear guide on where you’re ahead of the curve, and where things need to improve. You’ll also have the opportunity to share the CX assessment tool with your colleagues and compare perceptions on your level of maturity.

The assessment takes no more than 10 minutes to complete, and provides a much-needed benchmark for your organisation on how your CX approach stacks up, and where there’s room for improvement.