Dior beauty taps conversational messaging, influencer marketing in latest campaign

Beauty brand taps WhatsApp, chatbots and exclusive content to connect with consumers for latest marketing campaign

Prioritising convenience and connecting with consumers on their own terms has led Dior beauty to extend its global influencer marketing activities and incorporate conversational messaging platform, WhatsApp.

The French luxury fashion brand launched a new campaign in May with influencer, @Jisoo, giving its 9.6 million Instagram followers access to exclusive content and conversations from the brand ambassador and beauty icon around its new Dior Addict shine lipstick over WhatsApp. Dior beauty partnered with communications platform-as-a-service provider, Infobip, to create the omnichannel experience. Both claim it’s the first time a brand has used WhatsApp to facilitate conversations between a brand ambassador and consumers.  

The Dior beauty campaign uses Infobip’s WhatsApp Business solution and saw the brand build a series of automated conversations and journeys as Jisoo with the help of chatbots. The communications included images, videos, files, Web links, audio files and buttons.  

Customers were invited to become part of the experience via @diorbeauty’s Instagram story, where Jisoo offered followers the chance to join her exclusive WhatsApp group. From there, customers were taken to a dedicated landing page to sign up to engage with Jisoo’s chatbot over WhatsApp ahead of the new Dior Addict shine lipstick launch.  

Members choose the type of content they want to receive, from themed videos to exclusive behind the scenes footage of Jisoo’s life as a Dior ambassador. They were also sent exclusive links to purchase the new Dior Addict shine lipstick and given bespoke access to the new brand Instagram filter.  

Credit: Dior beauty

Dior digital innovation and strategic planning manager, Arthur Poulain, said luxury beauty and technology must collaborate in order deliver innovative experiences “across the channels customers now love”.  

“Using WhatsApp meant we could think outside the box in terms of how we engage our dedicated Instagram community, giving them the opportunity to chat to Jisoo like they would a friend and empowering them to choose the content they want to see next,” he said.    

Poulain told CMO conversational user interfaces are transforming the way consumers interact with digital services and said channels like WhatsApp being relied on more than ever to communicate with both friends and family as well as businesses. He noted statistics that show 68 per cent of WhatsApp users think it is now the easiest way to connect with a business and 64 per cent of people prefer messaging to a call or email.

“It’s about prioritising convenience and meeting consumers on their own terms. WhatsApp is an incredibly rich channel, offering the chance to automate conversations, send videos, buttons, pictures and more, so it really was the perfect choice for this cutting-edge campaign,” he said.  

“This is a first for Dior on WhatsApp and the influencer messaging experience is one of a kind on the platform. The users clicked buttons to choose the content they wanted to receive next, where they could only click and receive one of them. This created a sense of exclusivity and excitement in both Dior and Jisoo's communities with followers who wanted to collect all the content from the experience and share them through social media.”

Poulain said content was exclusive and specifically produced for this campaign. “This was the real promise of this experience: Exclusive content from your idol by chatting to her over WhatsApp,” he continued.

“The one-to-one conversation with Jisoo, offered to our users, was unprecedented. In the end, Dior was the first brand to launch a tailor-made, surprising, exclusive and fun campaign through a messenger app.”

Within a few hours of launch, tens of thousands of followers had joined the WhatsApp group. The campaign launched on the evening on 4 May 2022 and ran for four days in total.

Infobip chief product officer, Adrian Benic, said the vendor has worked with many businesses now on branded WhatsApp campaigns. Ride-sharing company Bolt, for example, used Infobip’s WhatsApp solution to enable drivers to complete their registration process using a chat app. The chatbot guides drivers through the entire journey, while live agents process drivers’ information, he explained.

With Airport AI, Infobip integrated WhatsApp Business as a communication channel into its platform, so airports like Gatwick, Dublin, Zurich and Lisbon can communicate with passengers to provide onboarding documents, access personalised airport shopping offers via quick buttons, and have real-time, one-on-one support with customer service teams across their flight journey.

“It depends on the need of the business and how the channel can complement their day-to-day activities, but the channel is flexible and rich enough to create bespoke, personalised experiences,” Benic said.  

But the work with Dior beauty has definitely been one of the most exciting campaigns Infobip has worked on, Benic said.

“This campaign used every element of the channel’s rich capabilities to deliver something truly unique and extraordinary. We hope this inspires other brands to take their digital engagement to new heights,” he added.  

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