CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 30 June 2022

All the latest martech and adtech news from AWS, The Trade Desk, Acoustic, Delacon, Quantcast, InMoment, Klaviyo, Conversica and Veridooh

AWS supports Unified ID advertising solution

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced support for Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) on its platform, providing customers with a turnkey identity solution that provides an alternative as third-party cookies are phased out.

Unified ID 2.0 was developed by The Trade Desk as an open standard and more secure identity solution to replace third-party cookies across the advertising ecosystem. It does this through a UID2 identifier, which represents a user’s personally identifiable information (PII), such as authenticated email. This information is encrypted into tokens, regularly refreshed to minimise misuse and shore up security. UID2 tokens use a random authentication program so their value is different each time they are shared during real-time request and response workflows in programmatic advertising.

To date, deploying UID2 operator services into an AWS account has been problematic. The solution announced by AWS this week sees it becoming a private operator of UID2. To do this, it’s using AWS Nitro Enclaves to create trusted compute environments that protect and securely process the highly sensitive identity data, enabling advertisers to anonymously match ad opportunities with their own first-party user data. A Nitro Enclave is a virtual machine created within an encrypted Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance.

“This notion of private operators, where you can feed email addresses or phone numbers and then a Unified ID comes out on the other side, is an amazing service that customers need, but there is some very technical knowledge that’s required,” AWS worldwide head of data collaboration and interoperability solutions, advertising, and marketing at AWS, Adam Solomon, said. “At AWS, we had customers who used Unified ID and wanted to be private operators, but they weren’t quite sure how to go about it. So, we plan to work with The Trade Desk so you can create, with a few clicks, a Unified ID service to deploy in your own virtual cloud environment.”

The Trade Desk said having AWS support bolsters both the scalability and accessibility of UID2.

“The move is yet another proof point of the flexibility and interoperability of UID2, where large, sophisticated players such as AWS can build their cloud technology around the identity solution in an effort to make it easier for the ad ecosystem to deploy,” the adtech vendor stated.

Acoustic looks to make campaign orchestration faster

Acoustic has taken the wrappers off its Marketing Cloud Multichannel Composer to help teams quickly create personalised campaigns without coding or developer support.

With a drag-and-drop interface, Multichannel Composer can be used to created messages for campaigns across traditional and emerging channels such as email, SMS, MMS and WhatsApp. Content can also be reused across channels through the same workflow process. The new offering is available through the Acoustic Marketing Cloud.

Other capabilities include the ability to capture zero-party data through Web form composing capabilities, self-serve segmentation from data sources, such as CRM, a customer data platform (CDP) or data management platform (DMP), and capabilities for simple, rules-based ‘if-then’ scenarios to more complex data-driven content.

“With our drag-and-drop interface, we deliver enterprise-grade capabilities that help marketers be more efficient, effective, and relevant,” Acoustic CEO, Dennis Self, said. “Now, brands can engage with consumers through a privacy-first, multichannel approach to boost brand awareness, loyalty and grow customer lifetime value. It is sophistication made simple.”

Delacon launches APAC tracking integration for Google Ads

Australian digital marketing company, Delacon, is claiming an Asia-Pacific first after integrating its call tracking solution into Google Ads to support campaign performance attribution.

Delacon now surfaces in Google Ads accounts, providing natively integrated call tracking data for recording and monitoring call extensions in order to better understand the effectiveness of search campaigns. This is achieved thanks to integration of Delacon’s call tracking technology and its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature, which captures phone menu options pressed by a caller. When a customer calls directly from a Google ad, marketers can see which keyword groups, ads and campaigns drove the engagement, all reported in real time.

Delacon’s call tracking solution also monitors time, date, length and result of calls, plus geographical location, number of calls per Web source, online browsing activity leading up to the call, campaign ID and the call outcome.

“Previously, marketers would need to specify which phone number belonged to which campaign to track any phone calls made directly from a campaign ad. Now, as long as a phone number is attached to a Google Ad, call tracking data can drive additional value for businesses,” Delacon CEO, Michael Center, said. “This integration increases call tracking accuracy and gives greater visibility on calculating cost per lead and cost per acquisition, which in turn improves campaign optimisation and drives increased return on investment.”

InMoment gives XI Platform an overhaul

InMoment has released an array of enhancements to its XI Platform to tackle customer acquisition through to retention and loyalty.

Among these are the new Product Experience Cloud, designed to help product managers, developers and UX designers understand friction points in the customer journey around product and connecting the dots between these and broader customer experience. There’s also a new Data Exploration text analytics solution to analyse unstructured data in order to come up with an integrated view of experiences based on key themes such as underlying sentiment, relative customer effort, intent and emotion.

InMoment also touted Spotlight, an AI-based and natural language processing (NLP) power-user application for real-time automated insights discovery from all types of customer experience signals to improve customer and employee acquisition or customer recovery and retention. Moments, InMoment’s real-time mobile app, can be used to social experience feedback through a curated data feed displayed on the phone, tablet or through monitor displays in an office environment.

Following its acquisition of ReviewTrackers, InMoment has fully integrated these capabilities into its CX Cloud to offer a more seamless application for collating solicited and unsolicited feedback to tap for customer insights, analytics and action. In addition, the ReviewTrackers’ applications are available for full customer review management in the InMoment MX (market experience) cloud.

Enhancements have also been made to existing XI applications. For example, Survey now supports WCAG 2.0 compliant feedback collection. Aggregated reporting on programs and across regions has also been elevated through new expert-designed industry and role-specific dashboards for the front

Finally, Workflow now seamlessly segments and drives automated action on a customer base within the XI Platform and triggers events in existing enterprise systems such as Slack, Hubspot, Marketo and Salesforce.

Conversica enhances AI assistant in SMS

Conversica has now enabled its conversational AI assistants to start two-way conversations with opted-in prospects and customers through text messaging from the first point of contact.

According to the vendor, the update will particularly benefit Conversica clients in business-to-consumer industries like insurance, sports, entertainment and ecommerce.

The latest update, available in multiple countries, means consumers don’t need to confirm via email first to begin engagement over text. Conversica AI Assistants will initiate the first message and continue interacting with prospects and customers, building interest through personalised, prompt and human-like dialogue. The vendor also said unlike traditional SMS bots that can only process predefined answers, Conversica AI Assistants can intelligently interpret incoming text messages, analyse and understand the buyer’s intent, and determine the next best action. There’s also pre-built skills and conversations on offer.

Veridooh debuts verification solution for programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH)

Fresh from raising $5 million in venture capital funding, Veridooh has debuted a new solution for verifying programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

The Sydney-based startup has worked with DOOH software provider, Vistar Media, to roll out the offering. The partnership sees Veridooh’s SmartCreative verification solution available to buyers leveraging the Vistar Media demand-side platform for tracking the performance of programmatic DOOH campaigns.

In the hopes of coming up with new industry standards, Veridooh said the solution reports on impressions while giving advertisers and media agencies access to other key metrics such as panel location, environment and plays, as well as the ability to review targets set for campaigns. The solution was trialled by IPG’s Matterkind.

“Our SmartCreative technology was custom-built for the out-of-home industry with all formats, including programmatic, in mind from day one,” said Veridooh co-founder, Mo Moubayed. “Programmatic DOOH is increasingly becoming an important part of advertisers’ media strategy, combining out-of-home’s impact with digital’s efficiency and metrics. By providing third-party verification, advertisers can have confidence that their investment is being delivered as planned, encouraging further ad spend in the sector.”

Klaviyo goes enterprise with Klaviyo One

Customer management vendor, Klaviyo, is pitching its new enterprise solution, Klaviyo One, as a tool for large brands to unify all customer data and drive personalised experiences at scale.  

Klaviyo One incorporates high-touch support, guidance from experts at Klaviyo, connection into the vendor’s partner ecosystem, and enterprise-grade features for user authentication and permissions. These include a unified platform for ingesting, unifying, storing, querying and analysing customer data from any timeframe without configuration, supported by predictive analytics and machine learning tools. Also on offer are automated A/B testing, reporting and revenue attribution modelling.

The platform has out-of-the-box integrations with 220 other tech platform and open APIs, plus the ability to build on top of the platform as a developer.

“Today, if you’re a high-scale or high-growth consumer business, you buy and cobble together your customer technology stack with software from multiple vendors that barely integrate at all and certainly not in real time,” said Klaviyo CEO and co-founder, Andrew Bialecki. “That creates major problems – customer data and customer experiences don’t talk to each other, and you end up with poor consumer experiences and frustrated internal teams. Klaviyo is the one place to get all the software, infrastructure and expertise you need to build your customer stack and scale how you delight consumers and drive revenue.”

Quantcast pitches fresh brand advertising solutions

Integrated omnichannel planning and activation has been combined with real-time brand measurement and optimisation through the new Quantcast Platform, the global adtech vendor claims.

Quantcast this week launched a suite of new solutions for digital marketers aimed at helping marketers measure and optimise brand advertising in the same way as they would direct response campaigns. Underpinning this is Brand Lift Live, a new survey solution that uses statistically controlled survey groups to measure the real-time impact of ads throughout a campaign. Brand Lift Live is designed as a new measurement approach for the open Internet and to complement traditional research methodologies.

The vendor cited a number of benefits, including the ability to view lift data in real-time to act on campaigns inflight, such as adjusting frequency, creative, messaging and audience, a simple set-up, and flexible survey options.

Alongside Brand Lift Live, additional platform insights examine the incremental reach of campaigns across Web and CTV and the downstream contribution these brand activations deliver to performance campaigns and conversions.

“We started with a simple question ‘how can we make brand budgets work harder?’ and since improvement requires measurement, that’s where we started,” said Quantcast chief technology officer, Peter Day. “We found practitioners relied on poor proxy metrics like viewability and CTR because assessing what they really care about - recall, awareness, and consideration - in a timely and precise enough manner to support campaign optimisation was simply too hard. Brand Lift Live solves this problem.”

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