3 brands embracing user-generated TikTok content

Latest TikTok campaigns from Menulog, KFC and Lenovo tap into interactions with consumers as part of efforts to better engage younger consumers

Three leading brands have taken to TikTok with fresh user content-driven marketing campaigns aimed at elevating engagement with younger audiences.

Following the success of its #DeliveryDance user-generated content competition in July, Menulog this week launched the new #DeliveryDressDown challenge, asking Australian consumers to share how they dress down into comfortable clothes for food delivery at home.

The campaign, created in partnership with Connecting Plots, asks users to jump cut from one outfit to another in time with the music to celebrate the decision to stay in and order-in food. A song was created specifically for the TikTok campaign by Australian DJs, Mashd N Kutcher, and features an instrumental version of the iconic Snoop Dogg Menulog rap released earlier this year.

The campaign has debuted with 30 local TikTok creators, including Jamie Zhu, The Rybka Twins and The Chainz Family, all sharing their own versions of dressing down.

“TikTok is one of the emerging channels we’re particularly interested in for reaching and connecting with younger audiences,” Menulog CMO, Simon Cheng, commented. “We’ve absolutely loved watching the creative ideas from the community and seeing how users are engaging with our brand in a way that’s unparalleled to other social channels.”  

TikTok Australia GM global business solutions, Brett Armstrong, said the Menulog campaign taps into the social media platform’s strengths. “By giving the community a call to action based on a simple and relatable idea - that staying home and ordering in is a joy worth celebrating - they’re allowing creators to have fun with their brand and interpret Menulog’s message in their own unique way,” he said.

Donning a virtual bucket

Also launching this week is a new TikTok campaign from KFC to recruit a new batch of bucketheads to support the forthcoming Australian cricket season.

Mansour girls and Benny Turland don the virtual bucketCredit: TikTok
Mansour girls and Benny Turland don the virtual bucket

The campaign centres around a recreation of the KFC bucket as a 3D branded effect, which the brand claims is the first use-case of the 3D capability within TikTok. The work was developed by Ogilvy, opr and Mediacom and gives cricket fans the ability to wear a bucket while at home and still participate in the 2021 buckethead challenge even if they can’t be at a live venue.

KFC has also engaged several creators including Benny Turland, Mansour Girls, Nat Alise and Alex Hayes to don virtual bucketheads and participate in the #Buckethead hashtag challenge. The name of the game is to encourage platform users to create a unique dance based on popular umpire calls. The campaign will also rollout via TikTok’s top view and in-feed ads to drive further awareness during the Cricket this summer.

“2020 wasn’t exactly the year we hoped for, but at least we can end it on a high with an Aussie summer of cricket,” KFC Australia marketing director, Sally Spriggs, said. “While the cricket season may look a little different this year, we're excited to partner with TikTok to give fans a chance to don a Buckethead, even if they can't get to a game.

“This campaign will add to the fun and excitement that comes with the game and we're looking forward to seeing fans cut some shapes."

A TikTok sitcom

Meanwhile, as part of their new #ForAllofUsFridays campaign, Lenovo and Intel joined forces with creative agency, SuperHeroes, to launch what it claims is a first for the social media platform: The first TikTok Sitcom, Almost Home For the Holidays.

Credit: Lenovo

Much like a classic sitcom, the story was told over five TikTok videos featuring TikTok #actingchallenge Queen, @ElianaGhen, performing her part from the script supported by the viewer’s lines superimposed on the video. The Sitcom’s final 3-minute episode, entitled ‘Almost Home for The Holidays’, premiered in three parts on 27 November on @ElianaGhen’s TikTok.

The story followed the adventures of a woman trying to get home for the holidays in spite of new airline safety regulations, a power-hungry ticket agent, and an emotional support animal named Sparkles. 

“TikTok is the perfect platform to try something like this, because the audience loves innovative content, and everyone is so open to collaborate and be creative,” Ghen said.

The videos reportedly racked up millions of organic views and thousands of duets. The best ones were selected and stitched together to use in the final cut.

“Using TikTok like this is exciting. It’s opening a box full of inspiration, so much enthusiasm, even though people didn’t really know what to expect” says SuperHeroes ECD, Rogier Vijverberg.

Lenovo’s Sitcom builds off the broader ‘For All of Us’ global campaign, which aims to create experiences suiting different personality traits of the brand’s audience across various social and digital platforms. The campaign is tied to Lenovo’s Yoga laptop and recently launched Intel Evo platform.

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